June 10, 2007

It is axiomatic that an uncontrolled influx of immigrants, as now exists at the Mexican Border, and legal immigration through presently accepted chain-immigration policies,  with no language requirements or assimilation into the culture, will change the status of the host nation to that of the immigrants. In other words, if America kept its doors open, as at present, the Third World would continue to send its millions to the United States until a balance were reached when America would join the Third World itself.

Family reunification permits a newly naturalized citizen to bring members of his extended family to the host country. For each naturalization chain immigration gives us a bonus of three. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

This policy was brought to the United States through the Immigration Act of 1965, authored by Senator Edward M.(Ted) Kennedy (D-MA) and his late brother, Senator Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY). Senator Ted Kennedy floor- managed the bill through the United States Senate.

Coincidentally, Senator Kennedy is co-author of the present “comprehensive” immigration bill now before the > Senate. He is floor-managing the present bill as well.

Family reunification was the Pandora’s Box of the Immigration Act of 1965. Once opened, it permitted immediate relatives (that is, spouses, minor children and parents) of a newly naturalized citizen to enter the United States and qualify as Legal Permanent Residents permitted to live out their lives in America and receive its bounty of benefits. Bona fide Legal Permanent Residents after four years are permitted to bring their relatives in, thus creating an endless chain.

Both Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Barack Obama (D-IL) reportedly are moving to broaden the present family-reunification provisions of the newly introduced “Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007.” Family reunification provisions in immigration laws of many other nations have led to chain immigration, the present nemesis of the Western World.

We have only to look to Europe, now openly referred to as Eurabia. Reports out of socially liberal Norway identify immigrant family reunification as “out of control” with its lack of assimilation into the Scandinavian nation’s population. A moratorium on immigrant family reunification policies is being called for.

In England both the Liberal and Conservative Parties are calling for reform of the policy of family reunification. The key non-Western immigrant populations in both Norway and England are Pakistani Muslims. Ethnic and religious customs of arranged cousin-marriages are inhibiting assimilation into local societies. As cousins marry cousins, there is an endless family relationship throughout the entire Muslim society.

It is reported that Muslim cousin-marriage also has facilitated a process of “reverse colonization,” in which large, culturally intact sections of Pakistani Muslim society have been effectively transferred to British soil.

Holland has been particularly hard hit. A New York Times report in February 2005 carried the headline, “More Dutch Plan to Emigrate as Muslim Influx Tips Scales.” The report noted that foreign born are 10% of the population of the Netherlands, that immigrant youths make up half the prison population, and that more than 40% of immigrants receive some form of governmental assistance. In addition, the Muslims are threatening and intimidating Dutch citizens who criticize Islam in Holland.

The anti-Dutch attitude of the Muslim community came to the surface with the assassination of Dutch film maker
Theo Van Gogh by a 26-year-old Muslim, Mohammed Bouyeri, on November 2, 2004. Van Gogh had produced a film that exposed “violence against women in Muslim societies.”

Loosely formulated immigration policies that lack adequate enforcement are creating mass confusion in America. Chain migration is making itself ever more obvious in the United States. An article in the Raleigh News & Observer reports the story of one man, Pablo Baltazar, legalized in the 1986 amnesty. Baltazar was able to bring over the entire, extended Baltazar Family by importing all nine of his siblings, followed by their spouses and children. More disturbing—and in a clear echoing of the European pattern—the article notes, “Chain migration has cleared out an entire village in Mexico. And it has turned areas of rural North Carolina into places where Spanish is the dominant language and ‘tiendas’ replace country stores.”

To place new and questionable immigration laws on the books will only complicate the present problems. America needs a breather. Start with a moratorium on all aspects of family reunification; repeal the infamous 1965Immigration Act with its provisions that favor Asian immigrants five to one over Anglo-Europeans; build a fence along the Mexican> Border—and begin constructing viable immigration programs that protect the culture of America.

As painful as it may be, we must begin a deportation of all illegal immigrants, regardless of the country of origin. This will both occupy the liberals, who will do everything possible to prevent deportation, and at the same time energize the conservatives.

There is no simple answer to our massive immigration problems. Any solution will be painful to someone. But what could be more painful than the once most-powerful nation in the world, both militarily and economically, waking up one morning and finding itself in the Third World?

A Free Congress Foundation Commentary. E. Ralph Hostetter, a prominent businessman and publisher, also is an award-winning columnist and Vice Chairman of the Free Congress Foundation Board of Directors. He welcomes email comments at eralphhostetter @ yahoo.com


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