February 27, 2012

Attikon Cinema

Attikon Cinema

I was sad to read that the Attikon Cinema on Stadiou Street in central Athens was burned down by anarchist scum pretending to protest against the EU Nazis. The Attikon was built in 1870 as part of a beautiful, ocher-colored neoclassical edifice constructed by a German architect, only to be torched 142 years later by professional troublemakers posing as freedom defenders.

It’s par for the times to burn down an old beautiful building to show the world how civilized we modern Greeks are. Hundreds have lost their businesses in one night’s looting by extremists, most of them probably well-off and posing as anarchists.

The Brussels bureaucrooks don’t fear the street scum. They have one fear only: Contagion. If Greece drops out, others will follow. The EU’s dreams of running the old continent will be kaput.

So for now, who is worse”€”the pusher or the addict? I”€™d say it’s fifty-fifty as they sustain each other, although the addict has the moral high ground. Greece is the addict. The German and French banks are the pushers, with Brussels the Godfather shipping the stuff in from Afghanistan. The Godfather is not the cuddly Brando type, but rather an autocoprophagous degenerate who managed a coup d”€™etat while Europe slept. The Godfather is now defending his turf with Caligulan levels of depravity.

“€œThe politicians cooked the books and sent the bill to the people.”€

If I had one wish, it would be to see Europe’s dregs”€”dwarfs such as Barroso, Draghi, Rehn, Van Rompuy, and the rest of the scum”€”in the dock the way the Greek colonels ended up. At least the brave Greeks who pulled the coup on April 21, 1967 had the courage to roll the tanks out and take their chances. One of them, Costa Papadopoulos, brother of the leader George Papadopoulos, is still in prison, the junta having collapsed in 1974.

I am very serious. These midgets who have done away with democracy in the name of democracy need to be tried, convicted, and jailed for life. When the Austrians voted in Jörg Haider some time back, the scum in Brussels said no way. They threatened a boycott because they didn”€™t like the way the Austrians had voted. When the French and the Dutch rejected the 2005 referendum, they were rejected in turn by the Brussels commissars. The Lisbon Treaty, ditto. In Hungary the people have overwhelmingly voted for the Fidesz party, but the Brussels apparatchiks lectured the Hungarian premier on his internal policies. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a Green euro MP and probably the most disgusting man in Brussels and Berlin, told the Hungarian premier to show more respect for the EU or else. Instead of instantly kicking Cohn-Bendit in his nonexistent balls, the Magyar went home with his tail between his legs. What in the hell is going on here?


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