October 19, 2007

From David Weigel’s account of the GOP presidential beauty contest now taking place in front of the Family Research Council:

”[Duncan Hunter’s] first big applause line is ‘we are crushing al Qaeda in Anbar province!’ His second applause line is… more interesting. Swerving to the Middle East, Hunter praises Israel. ‘That little country, that little postage stamp called Israel, they have stood tall… they should not give back an inch of their land!’ Huge, whooping applause. In the front rows at least three people get up and start waving Israeli flags.”

So these crazed dispensationalist cultists are carrying around Israeli flags, which they whip out at opportune moments? The trend among younger, intermarried American Jews is that they could care less about Israel, and the rising generation doesn’t identify with or endose its bulldozing-and-annexation foreign policy—as this weird incident at the FRC conference dramatizes, however, it’s the “born again” Christians who have a real “dual loyalty” problem.


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