May 23, 2018

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Now, far be it for me to hone in on the home turf of Takimag’s own Chris DeGroot, but this isn’t a localized issue. Washington, D.C., and San Francisco have both enacted similar bans, resulting in the closing down of Christian foster care agencies. Blue states like Maryland and Massachusetts have done the same.

“The cruel pettiness and anti-Christian hatred shown by the cultural left in cases like this shocks the conscience,” writes Rod Dreher. It shocks, but it’s not surprising in our “new dispensation” where sexual autonomy is now the fulcrum from which all other rights must be balanced around.

The most vulnerable members of our society shouldn’t have to suffer over the political bickering of posturing politicians. Anyone who values a lonely child being given a warm bed to sleep in over correcting the wrong thinking of a faithful people should cheer on Fulton’s suit.

Let it also be a lesson: Whenever you think of progressive bigotry, picture a child shivering in the cold.

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