August 08, 2023

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Simply everyone’s talkin’ about Hitler!

Let’s join the fun.

Remember in 2015, when leftists called Trump a Nazi and we were like, “Nice try! You called Romney a Nazi! You called McCain a Nazi! Everyone’s a Nazi to you.”

Yeah, those were fun times.

Until we got actual Nazis. Richard Spencer was that first cockroach you see in your kitchen, and you tell yourself, “I’m sure there aren’t others.”

And then when you have a hundred roaches, you realize, “Okay, maybe I should’ve kept a cleaner house.”

Last week GOP Rep. Paul Gosar used his account to promote a Holocaust denial website that tells readers to “stand up for Hitler.”

Also last week, rightist “influencer” Pearl Davis (1.7 million YouTube subscribers) made headlines with a song suggesting that Hitler was a good guy. Davis was defended by BlazeTV’s Lauren Chen (remember when Glenn Beck used to call everyone Hitler? Yet now that he has actual Hitlers, he’s mum). Other rightist influencers followed suit. Alex Sedlak, a Trump/Ye booster with 2.1 million TikTok followers, tweeted “something is telling me intuitively hitler (sic) was perhaps the good guy.”

Also last week, the “golden boy” of the DeSantis campaign was caught creating a viral video depicting DeSantis commanding an army marching toward a Nazi symbol. “Golden boy” had no reason to add that symbol; it contributed nothing to the video (indeed, it’s confusing as hell). It was inserted gratuitously because the young staffer thought Nazi symbols are cool.

“The mania ain’t stopping; indeed, it’s getting worse.”

ALSO last week, writer Richard Hanania, who’s forged an identity as the kinda-right/sorta-libertarian darling of the tech-bro set (a moderate Palestinian is like a 35-year-old black man with no felonies; you wanna hoist him on your shoulders), was revealed to have pseudonymously assisted Spencer in his Nazi endeavors years earlier. Hanania has a Big Important Book coming out via HarperCollins, which has yet to respond to the controversy (the caution is understandable; Palestinians have a history of taking disappointment poorly).

And that’s all in just one week! The week before? Arizona college Republicans advertised an event featuring neo-Nazis (the event was tweeted out by party officials before the state GOP distanced itself from the shindig). Also, Holocaust denier, Hitler fanboy, and Marjorie Taylor Greene bestie Nick Fuentes held a “conference” livestreamed on Rumble that was attended by several GOP politicians (including 2020 Delaware senator primary winner Lauren Witzke). When Fuentes’ followers called for the murder of Jews, Gateway Pundit’s Elijah Schaffer, a boob-groping Fuentes and Ye supporter, ceded that while such sentiments are “not popular,” they’re no worse than “there are two genders” or other “equally unpopular” views.

Granted this is a handful of cases, but I’d argue that the only appropriate number of Nazis who should be affiliated with or tangentially connected to a mainstream U.S. political party is zero.

In 2015, when Spencer was an outlier, rightists could laugh off the Nazi thing. Not anymore. That doesn’t mean it’s everywhere; it just means it’s more places than it should be.

And as mainstream GOP candidates bring in millennial memers to capture the “youth vote,” odds are those memers will have a cartoon-frog ironybro past that will humiliate the campaign. Some of those guys, like Pedro Gonzales, are genuinely smart, capable, and remorseful. But they got caught up in a mania that should’ve been taken more seriously in its infancy.

And the mania ain’t stopping; indeed, it’s getting worse.

So let’s retrace our steps. How’d we get here?

I. The Trolls Couldn’t Build

The “alt-rightists” who (in their minds) helped Trump win in 2016 had big plans after “their” victory. This was gonna be the start of something huge! Trouble was, these idiots failed at every attempt at doing anything other than trolling and meming.

Remember when Spencer claimed to have an “institute”? That imploded spectacularly. As did his “Unite the Right” monstrosity that ended with one new leftist martyr and a bunch of pansy-ass Nazis turning on each other and crying like little girls as they were slaughtered by civil and criminal trials.

Meanwhile Fuentes’ “Groyper army” proved incapable of anything but heckling. They can shout, they can sieg heil, but they can’t create.

These cretins are uniquely ungifted, uniquely incompetent. Unable to build any kind of infrastructure, alt-rightists soon realized that all they can do is troll and meme—i.e., play “naughty boy” with Nazi imagery and kid themselves that cheesing off Jews on Twitter is a victory with positive long-term consequences.

In May, when DeSantis signed a bill increasing penalties for trespassing on private property to intimidate or threaten the owner, alt-righters were furious that they could no longer drop an “it’s okay to be white” flier on a black person’s lawn or nail a “happy birthday Hitler” placard to a Jew’s door. They know that this is all they’re capable of, so they jealously guard their right to do it. Unable to face their cognitive limitations, they’ve fooled themselves into thinking that their trolling has a positive impact.

Of course, I called this early on. After I penned a column in December 2016 predicting the alt-right’s failure and implosion, Spencer came after me on Twitter.

Behold the best illustration ever of “how it started/how it’s going”:

Richard Spencer, 12/27/16:

“David Cole is particularly loathsome. Most of the ‘Alt Right is doomed!’ talk is barely disguised jealousy, cattiness, and fear.”

Jump to…

Richard Spencer, 8/23/20:

“The MAGA/Alt-Right moment is over. I made mistakes; Trump is an obvious disaster; but mainly the paradigm contained flaws that we now are able to perceive. And it needs to end.”

Funny, I “perceived” those flaws in 2016. Ashkenazis always see what ashcan Nazis can’t.

You know, considering all the times Nazis have been out-thought by Jews, it seems like they’re the least able people to take us on. At least intellectually (they do have an upper hand when shooting seniors at a temple).

It’s not just that the trolls couldn’t build; it’s that they actively destroyed. Their every attempt at rising above their station as comment-section hate-spewers ended up dragging down the people around them. Trump’s first two years—when he had Congress and when he still seemed somewhat committed to his election pledges—were marred by distractions caused by the sieg heilers. At every turn, the Nazibois created side skirmishes that dominated the press and dogged Trump during that brief period when he might’ve been able to do something regarding issues that matter.

In August 2018 Spencer came at me again on Twitter, lamenting how conservatives are “increasingly aware of racial reality” but “unable, politically and morally, to do anything about it.”

To which I replied, “That’s a real puzzler, Richard. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the minute ‘race realists’ get the kind of publicity that could make a difference, they do stupid shit like making ‘heil’ gestures in front of TV cameras. Maybe THAT’S what inhibits progress.”

Even Spencer’s own white nationalist followers ceded that one.

European ⚔️ Revolution @EuropeanRevolt:

“I like you Richard but I do personally think Mr. Stein (Cole) has a point.”

With Trump’s first two years largely squandered—for a variety of reasons, one of which was the constant distraction of the Nazibois—Trump and his defenders found themselves embracing a new strategy that would, ironically, inspire more sieg heiling.

II. As Trump Failed, the Need for Invisible Enemies Increased

In the end, Trump couldn’t beat the Democrats, the establishment GOP, or even his own son-in-law. In the end, he proved exceptionally impotent. Of course, Trump could never admit that, so he adopted a new strategy: The real battles aren’t with Congress or the courts. The bigger fight is against enemies you can’t see. QAnon’s enemies. The world controllers, the “deep state,” the satanic Moloch-worshipping pedos.

Trump’s “me versus invisible foes” reality evasion ramped up after his humiliating defeat in 2020. And now that he’s running again with few concrete presidential accomplishments to tout, it’s pretty much all he’s got. You see that in how Tucker’s settled on “Trump’s the only one who can prevent ‘them’ from starting WWIII” as his main pro-Trump talking point. He can’t say “Trump will build a wall” or “Trump will abolish anchor babies” or “Trump will take on BLM” because Trump had the opportunity to do all that and didn’t. So he can only speak theoretically of Trump as a bulwark against invisible foes who are pushing for nuclear holocaust.

Trump’s real-world 2016 platform (“build a wall, deportations day one”) kept his base grounded. By ditching that, by tethering his campaign to a fight against unnamed “thems,” Trump’s giving his followers a Rorschach blot. And an army of dolts will see what they want. Many of them will see “the Jews,” and by logical extension they’ll start to think, “Maybe Hitler was right.”

It’s what I wrote in 2017—Trump as modern art masterpiece (“a blank canvas, or a canvas with random paint tossed onto it by a monkey”). You see what you choose to see. And that’s how it is with Trump’s “enemies.” He’s telling you there’s a “them”; the corporeal form of “them” is up to you.

Maybe it’s the Jews. Maybe the CIA. Maybe the pedos and feminists. Maybe all of ’em under the auspices of Baron Rothschild under the patronage of Moloch under the control of Tom Hanks.

The point is, a failed president has empowered a failed movement to do what it does best (the only thing it can do): tweet swastikas.

Yay! The republic is saved.

III. The Cowardly Option Is the Popular One

Fact is, the ADL ain’t what it used to be. Sure, the ADL tries to censor Facebook. So do black orgs and tranny orgs, and with as much or greater success. Indeed, on Musk’s Twitter you can totally deny the Holocaust but you still can’t say “tranny.” But if you get censored by blacks or trannies, you can’t claim to have been victimized by the “world controllers.” So cowardly far-rightists, who know they’re not actually risking anything, piss off Jews, then brag to their friends about what brave, brave boys they are. When in fact they’ve risked little. Indeed, they’d assume the same risks by calling a tranny a “shemale” on Twitter.

Give a coward a way to look courageous, and they’ll take it. Always.

I “cheesed off” Jews back when there were real physical consequences, and I have the scars to show for it. On a recent podcast Fuentes compared his social media bannings to me getting physically beaten and having a bounty put on my head in the 1990s. No, Nicky, your situation ain’t the same as mine. The JDL’s long dead. Your Twitter suspension is not the equal of my broken nose or death warrant, and your “naughty-boy Nazi” routine exists in a safe present-day with no JDL hunting you down.

So go to it, cowards. Fetishize the Führer.

The man never got his Thousand Year Reich, but posthumously he’s getting ten thousand Twitter likes.


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