September 07, 2015

Source: Shutterstock

The importance of the concept that people “€œvote with their feet”€ cannot be overstressed. No matter how much native blacks may impugn the USA, the fact remains that far more Africans are coming to America than American blacks are repatriating to Africa. This is also absurdly true of the millions of Mexicans who swear allegiance to Mexico for decades after they”€™ve fled it yet show no plans to ever return to it. From all over the world, no matter what comes out of their mouths, these immigrant ingrates vote with their feet by coming to America in droves.

The crucial difference between the recent swell of immigration to America and all previous waves is the open hostility to the very idea of the USA. That is unprecedented, and it turns all special pleadings that we”€™re “€œa nation of immigrants”€ into a howlingly false equivalency.

What to do with such ingrates? Well, one current presidential candidate has seen unprecedented success by suggesting we should turn those ingrates into outgrates.

Still, I won”€™t place the primary blame on the immigrants, whether they”€™re legal or not. Anyone who’s freely offered a better life would be a fool not to seize it. But it’s their enablers”€”the ones who occupy the upper echelons of American finance and political power who have ceased to conceal their disdain for the average hapless American”€”who need to be deported.


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