October 17, 2007

We are truly living in a Bizarro World: I’m watching MSNBC, where Pat Buchanan is defending Larry Craig, while obvious dyke Rachel Maddow is calling for his head. Craig, says Rachel, should be thrown out of the Senate—not, she hastens to add, for soliciting an undercover police officer for sex in a public bathroom, but for “hypocrisy.” So, if, say, Barney Frank had been caught in the same sort of foot-tappin’ stall-peeping behavior, then he wouldn’t suffer any such sanctions, because, you see, he is “out”—and votes the “right” way. Was there any compassion for the obviously conflicted and hurting Craig coming from the supposedly pro-gay “compassionate” liberal Rachel? No way, Jose. On the other hand, Buchanan, as interviewer Chris Matthews put it, is a real “compassionate conservative,” and isn’t that ironic?


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