September 10, 2015

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Restore National Origins Policy

Our solution to this is to return to America’s original immigration policy of “€œNational Origins,”€ which was in effect prior to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. This would allow our authorities to choose among the nations of the world just who would be able to come into America. We could simply abstain from taking immigration applicants from Muslim countries, and we could also rigorously screen any Muslims who are migrating from non-Muslim countries.

Does National Origins violate the Constitutional mandate against discrimination on the part of government, as liberals maintain? No, not at all. The Constitutional animus against legal discrimination applies only domestically to American citizens. Until an immigrant has become a full citizen of America, he is not due equal protection under our laws.

Our course of action is clear: Abandon the neocon lunacy of Mideast hegemony, i.e., withdraw our military and our bureaucracies from their lands. Leave Islamic nations alone to stagnate in their cultural backwardness until their scholars and leaders reform their religion so as to bring Islamic countries into the modern world. And restore a National Origins immigration policy.

As Patrick Buchanan tells us: “€œTime is on our side in this struggle, for Islamic radicals cannot build great nations nor solve the problems of modernity. The only problem of Islamic peoples these extremists can help them solve is the problem of America’s massive presence. Remove that root cause of this war, and Arab and Islamic peoples will see no longer through a glass darkly, but face to face, who their true enemies are.”€


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