May 14, 2024

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As my regular readers know, I don’t care for Ron Unz. And that’s putting it mildly. I consider him an open sore on the scrotum of the world, a tumor on life’s testicles. He’s the ’net’s No. 1 propagator of Holocaust denial, and he’s proud of it. He’s a professional fabricator, a polluter of historiography.

Holocaust deniers push back against my Unz hatred because they’re his fellow morons. Fine; tards truck with tards. But some of my readers who are decent, intelligent folks also give me pushback on Unz. “Oh Dave, he’s a free-speech guy! He just wants all views to be heard.”

So here’s the tough part of this week’s column. Because even though this was a public thing—I’m not violating any confidences—I’m still hesitant to give it oxygen.

“This is a bad situation, folks. Real bad. All the online momentum is behind Nazism.”

Steve Sailer is a friend and colleague. More than that, he’s the smartest guy in the room. Any room. I’m not nearly as smart as Steve. Oh sure, I have the extroverted verbal gab-gift jibber-jabber that Ashkenazis are known for. I can convince people I’m smart, which is different from actually being smart. And that extroversional verbose veneer of quick-wittedness reaches across occupational fields. I could write a horror movie, produce it, and persuade the shiksa bimbo actress to blow me. Steve couldn’t do that (nor would he want to).

Hence why my only fear in life is a stroke. Me unable to speak quickly, snappily, is like a pigeon de-winged. I’m a gutter pest who can do one envious thing. If I lose that, I become useless.

But in terms of real smarts—figgerin’ out data subsets and such—Steve’s the best there is (and if you haven’t already done so, please buy his new book).

Steve writes for Unz. That’s his choice. In previous columns I’ve described Steve as “the jazzman in the whorehouse,” a great talent belting out amazing tunes in a place of utter depravity.

Unz loves to argue with his readers in his site’s comments section. And following a recent column by schizo lunatic Kevin Barrett (“9/11 was a Jew hoax and the Holocaust never happened”), a reader commented:

Ron, your site might have some reach beyond Sailer if you didn’t feature headlines like “The Jews Want You to Watch Them Mass Murdering Little Kids.”

Here was Unz’s reply:

I don’t know anything about you, but you sound like a boomer conservatard, terrified about anything involving Jews or Israel. As for Steve, unfortunately over the last few years he’s lost most of his readership due to a combination of Covid, Ukraine, and Gaza. Meanwhile, Anglin, whom you apparently despise, is probably the most censored writer in the history of the world, banned from every Internet service and platform and with dozens of his domain names seized by the American government, the first writer to ever suffer that fate. But when I just now checked, the current traffic to his website is about 30x that of Sailer’s. Not 30% more, 3,000% more. So I think these days, Sailer is mostly “reaching” a few cranky boomers, the sort who think that Breitbart is a little too hard-edged.

Unz publicly attacked and humiliated his finest writer. That was, at best, the behavior of a man of poor character, and at worst, the behavior of a fucking psychopath. It was the most appalling act I’ve ever witnessed from a publisher. Steve, of course, also writes for Takimag, and one of the reasons I encourage you to subscribe to Takimag is that Taki would never publicly disparage any of his writers. As someone who’s had a column here for nine and a half years, I can testify that we are treated with the utmost respect by a significantly honorable man.

But Unz? That phrenology exemplar is scum. No, he’s not a hippy-dippy free-speech champion. He’s a deformed dysgenic villain who actively wants to replace Sailer’s brand of data-based race studies, and my brand of reasonable, fact-based historical revisionism, with neo-Nazism and outright Holocaust denial. And while Unz can attack me all he wants because I attack him regularly so it’s tit-for-tat, him attacking Steve, a loyal employee, a man he pays so a man he knows may not fight back because these days who among us can risk a paycheck, was the act of a bully.

An ugly, cancerous bully.

If you support Unz, you’re one of the bad guys.

But there’s something darker and more ominous about that Unz comment. It’s an admission of the extent to which the Nazi stuff is proving more popular than the reasonable stuff. “The current traffic to Anglin’s website is about 30x that of Sailer’s. Not 30% more, 3,000% more.”

That should scare the shit out of you.

See, I bet—and maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll wager my remaining functioning organs (two fine lungs; I’ve done everything possible to shorten my life, but I’ve never smoked) that I’m not—that if the races were switched here, you’d understand my point. If some BLM Ibram Kendi extremist bragged about how “our ‘kill whitey’ website gets 3,000% more traffic than Thomas Sowell’s site,” you’d be like, “Harumph, those primitive, ignorant blacks, and the JOOS who fund them, have jettisoned intellectualism for the raving of morons who foment race hatred. And the woke lunatics show how worthless they are by ignoring the data-based work of Sowell and flocking to childish sites that say ‘kill whitey.’”

Then you’d be like, “Hold on, let me click on Anglin’s new Unz piece, ‘Exterminate the Kike Vermin!’ Data can wait—I want someone bold ’n’ based.”

As I write this, rightist Twitter is cheering Elon for reinstating Naziboi Nick Fuentes.

Jared Taylor remains banned. Musk knows how much traffic Fuentes will bring with his Nazism and Holocaust denial. Taylor, on the other hand? All he brings is reason and facts.


This is a bad situation, folks. Real bad. All the online momentum is behind Nazism.

When Unz calls Anglin “probably the most censored writer in the history of the world,” I’d have to disagree. I think that title should go to Dylann Roof, the mop-topped mass murderer and white supremacist blogger. That guy not only can’t get published anywhere, he can’t even walk freely among us! Can you believe it? He’s literally locked in a cell by our so-called government (I call it ZOG!). At least Anglin can stroll to the store (oh, and he also has the backing of, and daily paychecks from, millionaire Unz).

Now, I know what you’re saying. “C’mon Dave, you’re stretching with that analogy. Dylann Roof murdered nine people. Anglin’s just a writer! A mere wordsmith!”

Indeed. That’s correct. Dylann Roof blogged “kill every nigger,” then he went out and murdered nine black worshippers in a church. Anglin blogs “kill every kike,” and, uh, for some reason you get pissy when domain providers and web servers don’t want to be associated with him. Like they’ve committed the free-speech violation of the ages.

As though we’re not humans who have the ability to—shall I say, “notice”—negative traits and choose not to be associated with them. Andrew Anglin has not been silenced by the government. Private companies decided that they don’t like what he’s selling. But Unz to the rescue! And with Fuentes, Musk to the rescue. “Kill the kikes” and “Holohoax! Holohoax!” are messages that must be heard! And if you disagree, use community notes to fight speech with speech.

When I was 21 I would’ve agreed with that. Even drunk cynical Dave was once idealistic. But 35 years on “the right,” seeing how this hellscape is a never-ending war of trying to keep Nazis and conspiracy nuts from muting the voices of the decent, hardworking, foundational blue-collar white voters who get bulldozed by the loudest and most extreme lunatics, has changed my mind.

Just as Unz admitted.

“Not 30% more, 3,000% more.”

Again, let’s view this from a different perspective. In 2010, SCOTUS ruled that the sale, distribution, and ownership of animal cruelty “crush” videos (videos of animals being violently killed, sold to fetishists who masturbate to such material) was legal. Prohibiting the sale and distribution of such videos was an affront to the First Amendment.

It was an 8-to-1 decision; only Alito dissented.

Okay, so SCOTUS established that you have the right to sell and possess videos of a puppy being set on fire. Actually setting a puppy on fire remains illegal (based on the animal cruelty statutes in your city/county/state). But selling a video of it to pervs who jack off to it, that’s free speech! SCOTUS (minus Alito) said so!

But that “speech” ain’t something to champion. It’s not the “battle of the ages” to ensure that every private domain provider and web server is forced to support/carry animal torture videos. If millionaires like Unz and billionaires like Musk were to brag, “I’m such a hero—I allow animal torture videos because SCOTUS says it’s free speech and I’m MISTER FREE SPEECH,” some might find that distasteful.

Worse still, if a guy like Unz were to say, “I’m helping give a voice to the people who masturbate to puppies being set on fire; indeed, I’m ensuring that they become the dominant online force,” would you applaud that?

Hey—he’s just a free-speech champion!

In that context, I’m fairly certain you’d see him as a menace.

What I’m saying is, I know there’s something inside some of you that badly wants to champion Unz and Musk for promoting “kill the kikes” guys like Anglin and Fuentes. And I don’t doubt that your intentions are noble. “I don’t like what they say, but I’d fight to the death for their right to say it…on private platforms where the First Amendment doesn’t apply.”

But ask yourself if you’d do the same for guys who sell fetish videos of puppies being set on fire.

Videos SCOTUS ruled are protected speech. So you should champion it, no?

Oh, wait—now the quality of the speech matters? Now it’s not heroic to say, “I’ll fight to the death blah-blah-blah”?

Because if you find animal torture fetish videos disgusting, you will only reluctantly (not enthusiastically) cede that it’s protected speech, and you won’t slobber over someone who boasts about spreading such filth far and wide.

We don’t want animal torture fetishists empowered. SCOTUS gave them the right to jack off to the evil they crave. And you have the right to not support people who sell such garbage.

Nazis have the right to say “kill all niggers” and “kill all kikes.” But it’s neither stunning nor brave to support those who act like heroes for spreading that message. People like Musk and Unz are not heroes, and you are not a hero for cheering them on.

All you’re doing is burying people like Steve, the smart guys we need.

Unz admitted as much.

Take him at his word.

He’s a monster…

…but on this one point, he’s not lying.


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