January 30, 2016

Davos, Switzerland

Davos, Switzerland

Source: Shutterstock

Their latest gambit is to sink Donald Trump. The Donald’s consistency in the polls can be explained in five words: He speaks for the ignored. People both in the U.S. and in Europe are sick and tired of the threats of terrorism, of race riots, and of multiculturalism. And most of all, of political correctness. Trump has a ready audience among white working-class people, the very same people elitists and the bien-pensants like the neocons ignore and actually think very little of. The media has been having a hell of a time crucifying Trump; no adjective goes unsaid, yet still he clings to his polls. After the great Enoch Powell speech alluding to the Roman poet Virgil, he became a nonperson because Ted Heath was shocked, shocked that someone in his party spoke the truth. Yet 74 percent of those surveyed agreed with what the great Enoch had said. No one ever mentions this fact, just the allusion to the rivers of blood.

Race and immigration are two things, like sex and money used to be, that people are not allowed to talk about. Well, they can all go to hell. The EU is a dictatorship by unelected bureaucrats who wish to control our lives. Our elected representatives know this, yet are doing everything they can to perpetuate it. That’s what they should have been discussing in Davos.


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