April 21, 2018

Source: Bigstock

Never mind. LouLou de la Falaise is a distant cousin by marriage, and was a fine girl who was Saint Laurent’s muse, whatever that means. Madison Cox deals with cocks and has stopped the author’s scheduled speech about his book because he has the financial muscle to do so. I find this rather rich. The bum boy marries a very sick old man, inherits from him, and then goes around trying to stop a book that has very little to do with him but does drop a hint or two about how Madison Cox got his hands on the loot.

The reason Madison Cox is angry is that in the book it is revealed that while the old boy Bergé was around, so was a certain Jaimal Odedra, a longtime boyfriend of Madison’s. Zut alors! What these naughty girls were up to is amazing. What I don’t understand is why—now that they’ve finally gotten their hands on the Saint Laurent/Bergé loot—they care what people think. Ah, I guess that is the only chink in their armor. Madison Cox made his money the old-fashioned courtesan way, so now he wants it to look like he made it like some peasants did, peasants called Ford and Rockefeller and Getty. No way, José.

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