February 10, 2015

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Obeidallah apparently thought this was not quite enough deceit. He went further. He not only uncritically copied the claims made in the meme, but he replaced “€œPuerto Rican separatists”€ with “€œLatino-related groups.”€ Hell, couldn”€™t he at least have said “€œCaribbean-related groups?”€

But maximum obfuscation was the point. If you say “€œPuerto Rican separatist,”€ a lot of young Americans will probably cock their heads in confusion. But if you try to scare them by claiming that 42% of all terrorism is “€œLatino-related,”€ well, now you”€™ve got yourself some top-grade B.S. that will sow confusion and muddy the waters. 

Latinos vs. Muslims? Latinos lose out, just as atheists did. When we get to trannies vs. Muslims, that will be a fun battle. For the record, I attempted to debunk the “€œLatino terror”€ meme back in 2010. At the time, no site as significant as the Daily Beast had promulgated it. In fact, I only learned of Obeidallah’s article because readers of mine were posting my 2010 piece as a response in the comments.  

Most folks at the Daily Beast ignored my emails requesting clarification. But Dean Obeidallah replied, sort of. I asked him a very simple question: “€œI”€™m curious about your use of the term “€˜Latino-related groups.”€™ What does that mean? The summary you cited specifically mentions Puerto Rican separatists from the early “€™80s. Why not be specific? Why give the impression that there is some plague of “€˜Latino”€™ terror?”€

His response? “€œIm [sic] swamped and no time in near future to respond. Sorry.”€

I sent one follow-up: “€œA writer should always be willing to defend his/her words. I mean really … substituting “€˜Latino-related groups”€™ for Puerto Rican separatists in order to make it seem like a larger problem than it is? Isn”€™t that just plain racist? I can’t imagine any writer substituting “€˜white-related groups”€™ for Irish republicans.”€

His final reply: “€œAre you a stalker? Im [sic] blocking you.”€

And … scene. 

There you have it, folks”€”that amazing leftist dedication to open dialogue, man. Not to mention that totally cool leftist rejection of racism and profiling.

Latinos, you are safe with these people. The left will take care of you. Unless Muslim apologists need a scapegoat. In that case, hit the road, and vaya con Dios. And don”€™t forget to make cool air-quotes when you say “€œDios.”€ 


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