July 18, 2016

Dear Black Folks,

When I realized the magnitude of the damage my people have done to yours, I felt guilty for good long time.

My ancestors bought and sold and tormented and discriminated against your ancestors setting us on different trajectories that continue to in large part determine how we live today. On behalf of my ancestors, I apologize to your ancestors for our brutality.

Apparently it never occurred to this cluelessly meddlesome yenta that whites never would have been able to conquer sub-Saharan blacks if the two groups weren’t already on vastly different technological and cultural trajectories.

And so it continues, this nauseating specter of white and questionably white ethno-masochists apologizing to blacks in letters to the editor, on their knees, and even at gunpoint. Why? Merely because they were born into the world’s wealthiest nation, EXACTLY LIKE all the blacks to whom they’re groveling.

If most American blacks didn’t tacitly realize that they have it far better here than they would in their absurdly romanticized Mother Continent, they’d be leaving in droves. Instead, the net migratory pattern remains from Africa to the USA, not the inverse.

I’ve been asking this question since the early 1990s and will continue asking it until someone gives a satisfying answer or they throw their hands up and admit there is no answer: Can you name a majority-black country on Earth where blacks live longer and have a higher standard of living than they do in America? Don’t avoid the question or wonder about my motives for asking it”€”just ANSWER it. If you can’t, you will be forced to concede that blacks die younger and are far more impoverished when left to their own devices than when they live in white-majority countries. I realize this fact alone destroys your dangerously fraudulent “equality” narrative, but the question must be asked, again and again, wherever poisonous propaganda serves to make white people feel guilty for being history’s winners.

Why should whites apologize? For inventing nearly everything and still being spat upon by the ingrates who freely “appropriate” these inventions without even a simple “thank you”?

While all this shirt-rending may make a few people feel better about themselves, as far as I can tell, none of it has made black people more intelligent or less prone to committing crime.

In a sane world, being a historical loser would be seen as a matter of shame rather than a bragging right. In a sane world, being a historical winner would never be cause for masochistic public displays of self-abnegation. But that world no longer exists. The whole world’s goin’ crazee.

I’ve seen countless white people apologize for doing better than blacks in America. What I’ve never once seen is Asians, Indians, or Jews apologizing to white Americans for outperforming them financially and on standardized tests. The only racial group in America so deeply in the thrall of self-hatred is white America. This suggests that they’ve been hoodwinked by one of the most massive and comprehensive propaganda-fueled collective mindfucks in history.

Self-hatred is not a virtue; it’s a sickness.

White people of the world, stop apologizing. You have nothing to lose if you don’t apologize and everything to lose if you do.


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