July 02, 2007

My friend Justin Raimondo is right: The hysteria being generated in certain quarters around the botched bombings in London is entirely manufactured, designed to support a failed and immoral war.  Like the JFK airport plotters, and the Fort Dix Six, and a score of other victims of Sudden Jihad Syndrome), the bombers were incompetent and almost certainly not connected to Al Qaeda.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to be concerned about.  It’s possible to recognize a danger here without exploiting public concern for nefarious (i.e., neocon) purposes.  As I’ve discussed in Chronicles and at VDare.com and elsewhere, our pollyannish approach to Muslim immigration has guaranteed that we’re going to see more and more such incidents.  England is only a few years ahead of us on the downhill slide.

And make no mistake—people have got hurt, and more will.  Does that justify cracking down on the civil liberties of American citizens or supporting an unjust war?  Of course not.  But it more than justifies a policy of denying entrance to adherents to Islam.

That’s something that those of us who oppose the war in Iraq and value our freedom at home ought to be able to support, because the first time one of these bumbling plots actually succeed, the regime in Washington will use it support policies that we oppose—and the Republicans’ “conservative” base of FOX News viewers will cheer them on.


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