August 22, 2013

If you support peace through force you are a pawn of Israel. All Western support for Egypt’s generals is about supporting our ally in the region.
Israel has been on many people’s blacklist since its founders killed Folke Bernadotte. No one who believes authoritarianism in Egypt is the best of many bad possibilities should automatically be deemed a Zionist. And one need not condone all Israeli acts to recognize it is physically in the Middle East and politically in the West and must be dealt with as such.

If you support Egyptian self-determination you hate minorities. The Brotherhood was in the process of enforcing sharia and would have only gotten worse the more they got away with.
This is not so different from every democracy’s maturing process.  Invariably there is initial overreach followed by factionalism and reaction. Had the Brotherhood continued holding free elections, which we must assume until proven otherwise, there would have been intra-party contests leading to eventual moderation in rule, especially given that half the population already disagreed with the new laws.

If future elections were fair, relaxation of dogmatism would have been a historical inevitability.

Undemocratic, radical, capitalist, nationalist, jingoist, idealist: Any honest opinion on the Egyptian crisis can lay claim to each. All parties are similarly malicious, as are nations riven by absolutely opposed ideologies. Dialogue is impossible when either side considers his opponent’s corpse to be a compromise.

It is atrocious to kill peaceful demonstrators, as it is equally atrocious to kill innocent Christians, as it is identically atrocious to perform clitoridectomies on prepubescent girls. The Middle East is an Elysium of competing indignities, all of which are convinced they are righteous.

Merely winning an election doesn’t turn thugs into Jefferson. Neither does unpopular legislation make them into Nero. These concepts are evidently impossible for some to grasp and especially dangerous when infantile notions of ethical absolutes are employed to interpret global power structures.

Far too many Westerners enjoy becoming last-minute experts in everything. For them, chimeric lands such as Egypt are not merely foreign countries but unfathomable foreign worlds. The inhabitants of such places speak an entirely different political language where our words and values do not translate well, if at all.


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