April 04, 2016

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As the casuals marched toward the vigil, they chanted “This is our home!” and accused the Belgian government of being a willful “accomplice” of ISIS.

Naturally, most of the traitorous press described them as “fascists” and “Nazis” and “skinheads” and “far-right extremists” who “invaded” a “peaceful vigil,” then received their due comeuppance from a hyper-militarized police force.

Apparently, all one needs to do to qualify as a “fascist” these days is to express a survival instinct. Europe is so upside-down that those who want to preserve their homeland are called invaders.

On Facebook, Third Position scoffed at the idea that the Belgian nationalists had no right to attend the memorial:

Nationalists are far more entitled to attend the vigil of the dead than the very people who are responsible for it. It is Nationalists who gave stark warnings of violence that would stem from non-European immigration. It was Nationalists who have been attempting to raise awareness of the growing radical Islamism within Belgium. It was Nationalists who have repeatedly said that the government and media are hiding data and information regarding the criminality and festering Jihadist radicalism within Muslim suburbs….It is the politicians who should be barred, not the Nationalists who they censored from warning the public. It is the progs who should be barred, not the Nationalists on the societal frontline facing off against the monsters the progs have been feeding.

And an alleged eyewitness who describes himself as “a left winged person” contradicts widespread reports that the hooligans came looking for trouble. Instead, he blames it all on the Red Whale:

I saw that the moment the hooligans came to the memorial place they were all noiseless. It appeared clear they all came to mourn as well, not to start a fight and not with political statements….But then suddenly the situation changed. A certain person wearing glasses, for me obviously under the use of drugs, tries to remove the banner that the hooligans were holding. This person was pushed gently aside in the beginning but when he tried a second attempt to remove the banner he got punched in the face and felt [sic] down. I don’t agree with violence but this person sure asked for it….But I would like to pay my respects to these casuals against terrorism. And thank you! Next time I walk with you guys!

Just as a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, the European Civil War may have just started with one punch.


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