August 21, 2013

Iraq, Syria, and now Egypt”€”the West seems incapable of learning its lesson. It talks about human rights and the “€œD”€ word. What human rights? Does radical Islam grant human rights to anyone who doesn”€™t adhere to its rigid rules? Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood demonized their critics and set loose mobs that attacked protesters, Christians, and anyone refusing to play ball.

We went to war 22 years ago on behalf of the Gulf States that feared Saddam. Saddam was the West’s patsy, doing our dirty work against Iran. The Gulf States and Qatar paid us back by enriching al-Qaeda and the Brotherhood in return for their safety. Is there no one in Washington, London, Paris, or Berlin who doesn”€™t see this? Is there no one intelligent enough to realize that Islamism means the introduction of sharia law wherever it governs? Is it possible that no Western leader sees the plain fact that Islamism practices violence and terror and will go to any ends to force its beliefs on nonbelievers? How is it possible that people accustomed to democracy fail to understand that the will of the people means absolutely nothing to radical Islamists? Doesn”€™t anyone defending Islam and the Brotherhood understand the deep contempt Islam holds for them?

Syria will soon split up in many factions and parts. Jordan will follow. The Sinai is already a jihadist haven. Yet John and Lindsey and Barack”€”even Roger”€”are blaming the democratic West for not doing enough to bring these radical Islamists to power. In the meantime, Qatar, like a Chicago businessman of old, is spending trillions for its safety, paying off the bad guys and even starting a branch of Al Jazeera in the good old US of A. If that’s not a joke, please tell me what is.



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