February 28, 2013

André-Joseph Léonard

Very soon all eyes will turn to Rome and mainstream media will have dissident “€œCatholics“€ bloviating away on the boob tube. They will be “€œvery very disappointed”€ when the cry “€œHabemus Papam!“€ is heard and will dejectedly say, “€œThis selection has put the Church back hundreds of years.”€

I can”€™t wait.

The Church is in a state of sloth from suckling on the state’s teat because most Catholic charities around the world are funded by grants, not the faithful. Priests have disappeared from their confessionals and rectories to hang out in louche leather bars. Lawsuits and inner-city decay have bankrupted dioceses around the world. Folks in Europe don”€™t even pretend the Church exists anymore. So we do not need a black pope, we do not need a pastoral pope, we do not need a friendly pope, and we do not need some smiling old forgettable jackass. We need a son of a bitch pope. We need an unsmiling grumpy old man who says things such as “€œGet your ass to work on corporal works of mercy or you”€™ll go to hell”€ and “Now, therefore, we declare, say, define, and pronounce that for every human creature it is altogether necessary for salvation to be subject to the authority of the Roman pontiff.” If talking-head media libtard gasbags squawk, he can always use the papal form of the old F.U.: “€œI shall remember you in my intentions at Mass.”€

“€œHandicapping the next pope in the world’s editorial pages has been a predictable banality in mankind’s steady march toward ignorance and auto-genocide.”€ 

Do you think popes can”€™t be anything but cheerful avuncular uncle types? Think again. Stephen the VI was an SOB. He dug up his predecessor and had him tried for heresy and mutilated the corpse”€”twice. For three centuries, each new pope had to state at his coronation that he “€œsmites with eternal anathema the originators of the new heresy, Sergius…together with Honorius, because he assisted the base assertion of the heretics.”€ Honorius is Pope Honorius I and the Roman Breviary contained the condemnation of him on the Feast of St. Leo II right up until the 18th century.

Handicapping the next pope in the world’s editorial pages has been a predictable banality in mankind’s steady march toward ignorance and auto-genocide. The mainstream media trot out the usual dissenting “€œCatholics”€ as the enlightened calls for changes in the Church, but they typically miss the point entirely. Tim Stanley has done excellent criticism of papal news coverage in the Telegraph, and Father Dwight Longenecker has brilliantly skewered the media’s coverage of the papacy. I won”€™t belabor the obvious other than to loudly restate clearly and unambiguously: The Catholic Church is a hierarchical church which tells you what you must believe to have a chance of getting to heaven instead of spending eternity in hell. It is not a soft, fluid democracy where you can write an editorial based on the zeitgeist or your own feelings passed off as thoughts and change dogma or ontological actions.

Pope Sonofabitch the 1st should also bring back all the stuff. Pope Paul VI was the last pope to be crowned with the papal tiara, signifying to paleo Ultramontanes such as myself that he was Emperor of the World. He ruined it all by promulgating the worst Mass ever in any language. Father Flake still flagellates his faithful with the bleating folk farts of its arrhythmias today, despite clear warnings from Rome to turn up the volume on the solemnity and turn off the sophistry. Pope Benedict the XVI brought back the papal cross of Pius XII and a nice red Saturno and has sported an ermine cape and hat. But I won”€™t be happy until Pope Sonofabitch the 1st restores the pomp, the pageantry, and his army the Papal Zouaves and then marches on Italy and says, “€œYou fucktards don”€™t know how to run anything. You are doing it my way now.”€ Italy and Europe need a strong sharp kick in the nuts, and Pope Sonofabitch the 1st is just the guy to do it.

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