November 14, 2010

A common delusion among Passover Syndrome sufferers is that they represent the cusp of some bold revolutionary cultural vanguard rather than modern mainstream society itself. They seduce themselves into thinking they are rebels against an oppressively racist society, yet there is nothing dangerous or career-threatening in anything they say. In truth, to disagree with what they say is to court ostracism, assault, and possible legal action. So rather than being mavericks in the Nat Turner mold, their personalities more fit that of the obsequious and conformist House Negro who toes the party line with a wide, bucktoothed grin. They seem cognitively incapable of grasping the fact that their personalities are indeed so fundamentally conformist, they may have participated in lynch mobs a century ago.

In keeping with such conformist tendencies, they apprehend clearly that the “€œracist”€ is our society’s new “€œnigger,”€ and they want everyone to know, as loudly as they can manage without being arrested for disturbing the peace, that they”€™re with the majority this time as far as hating niggers is concerned.

Despite the desire to conform, severe social maladjustment is always present in Passover Syndrome. Any sort of nonwhite group the world over would brand such personality types as evil, freakish tribal enemies. The fact that nonwhites appreciate and welcome their overtures does not mean they respect them. The truth is that nonwhite cultures don”€™t tolerate traitors within their ranks to nearly the degree that supposedly ethnocentric whites do. Imagine a black person being able to make a career out of campaigning against black pride. Nonwhite cultures”€”to their credit”€”tend to view such individuals as sellouts, punks, and snitches.

A daily ritual among Passover Syndrome sufferers, as reflexive as washing their hands and brushing their teeth, is to smear an invisible layer of protective talismanic blackface on themselves. But until scientists develop full-body skin transplants, there’s nothing they”€™ll be able to do about it in practical terms. They”€™re pretty much stuck being white. Most nonwhites still see them, above all else, as white. Passover Syndrome sufferers would realize this if they”€™d actually spent any time in jail or had ever lived in a mostly nonwhite neighborhood.

While they may compare themselves to abolitionist John Brown”€”who may or may not have been mentally ill or suicidal, but given the historical context, at least he was bravely nonconformist”€”their dangerously delusional behavior is more similar to that of Timothy “€œGrizzly Man”€ Treadwell.

Although they tend to consider themselves sophisticated, Passover Syndrome sufferers are fundamentally naïve. Fatally naïve. They encourage tribal identity among nonwhites and forbid it among whites, yet they fail to see how such a double standard works against any hope of eventual ethnic harmony. They fail to grasp that the day may never come when their childlike fantasies come true and people of all colors hold hands, sing protest songs, and gently melt together into a non-threatening shade of beige.

It is said that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged, but in its advanced stages, Passover Syndrome appears to be incurable. Witness the white activist who moved to Haiti and suffered an all-night brutal rooftop raping at the hands of one of her black “€œbrothers,”€ only to blame it on “€œthe white patriarchy,”€ members of whom were suspiciously absent during her assault. Or observe the eagerness to excuse a recent anti-white bloodbath by framing it within a context of unsubstantiated allegations that the gunman had endured racist jokes at work.

If a racial Doomsday ever comes in America, I doubt that the nonwhite marauders will ever draw fine distinctions between the “€œgood”€ whites and the “€œbad”€ ones. I lived a half-block off Hollywood Boulevard during the 1992 L.A. riots, and I recall a member of rap group Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. being quoted as saying that the rioters should quit looting South-Central L.A. and instead burn down Beverly Hills”€”home of the exact record executives who finance anti-white albums by ingrates such as Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.

If a large-scale Day of Racial Reckoning ever comes, Passover Syndrome sufferers will find that when it comes to hating whites, nonwhites truly don”€™t discriminate. Rather than the sweet scent of compassion, those with the disorder emit the rancid smell of fear. If a real race war were ever to pop off in America, they”€™d be the first to perish.

The only mystery is which side would kill them first.


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