March 03, 2015

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One of many indelible moments in The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp is when the colonel’s dearest friend”€”a courtly Prussian (now German) officer (turned refugee) he met during WWI”€”explains that war is no longer the “€œgentlemanly”€ pursuit it was in their youth. The Nazis, he explains, are different:

Clive! If you let yourself be defeated by them, just because you are too fair to hit back the same way they hit at you, there won”€™t be any methods BUT Nazi methods! If you preach the Rules of the Game while they use every foul and filthy trick against you, they will laugh at you! They”€™ll think you”€™re weak, decadent! I thought so myself in 1919!

Having placed the Nazis at the pinnacle of evil”€”Godwin’s Law and all that”€”it feels odd to find oneself now thinking, and saying, “€œBut these Muzzies are … different.”€

For instance, Mark Steyn recently looked back fondly on the good old days when one might reasonably fear being “€œcaptured in the middle of the night.”€ Such a quaint notion:

You know, that’s the way the old school guys”€”your Nazis and fascists and communists”€”used to do it. At some level, they knew, they were ashamed of their evil, and they didn”€™t want it to get out. [But the ISIS] guys use evil in their campaign ads.

Those “€œcampaign ads”€”€”beheading videos and such”€”are certainly effective. England’s own “€œJihadi John”€ is only the most famous of these terrorists”€™ many “€œhomegrown”€ recruits.

And is it any wonder, really?

These stories were plucked from a single issue of the Daily Mail in a matter of minutes.

It’s almost enough to make you cry out, “€œCome back, Luftwaffe! All is forgiven!”€


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