April 11, 2022

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“Hey, conservatives: I present to you a no-lose issue with broad-based appeal. Schools are teaching that biological sex doesn’t exist, ‘women’ are a social construct, and small children should be told they can swap genders. You can ride this one to victory!”

Establishment conservatives: “No way we’re touching that. We plan on winning the tranny vote by pointing out that the Democrats are the real transphobes.”

MAGAs: “We’ll take it, but we’ll make our response needlessly complex and divisive until we’ve shifted and muddied the entire debate. MAGAs AWAAAAAAAY!

“What’s going on has way more in common with the Khmer Rouge than it does with Albert Fish.”

Transgenderism is an ideology pushed by the mentally ill and their enablers who insist that if we don’t “see” what trannies see (that a man in a wig is as much a woman as your mom), mass suicides will result.

As I wrote five years ago,

Trannies need us to play along or the entire illusion comes crashing down. Think “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but with a psychologically fragile monarch and a kingdom full of subjects afraid that if they speak the truth, the emperor will kill himself. Viewed that way, the little boy at the story’s end is the villain.

The trans lobby has already done a real job on teens, using the cognitive peculiarities of the teen brain to their advantage. Teens strive to be popular, so you make trans acceptance an instrument of popularity. For teens who feel like outcasts, you tell them, “Be trans and we’ll accept you.” For “rebel” teens, you tell them, “Go trans; it’ll really piss off mom and dad.” And for teens afflicted with idealism, you tell them, “Trannyism is the civil rights movement of the 2020s!”

The lobby’s been so successful that, according to the University of Winnipeg’s Dr. Marilyn Simon, it’s become social death at high schools and middle schools to call yourself “cis” (Simon cites cases of “cis” kids being bullied, another instance of the lobby exploiting a teen weakness: the desire to bully).

However, studies have found that of teens who identify as “trans,” between 65% to 94% grow out of it once removed from the high school terrarium.

Therefore, indoctrination at a much younger age is needed. Get ’em in kindergarten—imprint the brains when they’re soft ’n’ spongy. Kindergartners don’t possess teenage cynicism; they believe whatever teacher says (again, exploiting cognitive vulnerabilities).

The key point here is that the indoctrinators are spreading a belief system. They’re mentally scrambling kids on gender. But the goal is not to physically rape them. To reduce this complex dynamic down to “sexual grooming” is misleading, because what’s going on has way more in common with the Khmer Rouge than it does with Albert Fish.

Yes, there are pedo teachers. But the in-class conditioning (“Who here has a penis but feels like a girl on the inside? Yay, you’re a hero!”) is not in the service of teachers wanting sex. It’s ideologues trying to remake mankind. It’s New Soviet Tran.

The “say groomer” crusade on the right is coming from the wrong place. You do it because you think it cheeses off leftists. But this fight is too important to be sidetracked by your self-indulgence. Some of you are so immersed in Twitter, you see the entire world as you vs. leftist tweeters. Like Breitbart.com’s John Hayward, who frames the entire matter as rightist activists vs. leftist activists. They call us “racist,” we call them “groomers.” Fight ugly! Dirty! Like they do! Take that, leftist Twitter.

This guy’s fighting an imaginary war between himself and his left-wing mirror images. It’s a fight that can’t be won. Neither side will ever say, “You’re right, I’m a racist” or “You’re right, I’m a groomer,” and even if that happened, nothing would change on the ground regarding schools. These are just man-children war-playing with cap guns.

Your desire to “cheese off” leftists takes you out of the real fight and into Hayward’s virtual one. All focus should be on “Schools shouldn’t teach small children that gender doesn’t exist and teachers shouldn’t quiz first graders on their ‘sexuality.’” But you’ve launched a side skirmish that’s fun for you but irrelevant to the main battle. Why do you think the media’s devoting so much ink to the “groomer slur” thing? You think leftists are giving the right’s groomer crusade attention because they’re “running scared,” they’re “nervous,” “rattled,” because you’re “onto them”?

Stop flattering yourselves. The media’s amplifying the “say groomer” crusade because it distracts from the core issues parents care about. You think “say groomer” is the most brilliant strategy ever, so you interpret the media attention as “It’s working!” Because you can’t imagine being wrong. And that’s how you get played.

This debate doesn’t need your strategizing. Stopping trans propaganda in schools sells itself; your catchy slogans aren’t needed, Don Draper.

Last week I described the educators who labor quietly and single-mindedly to further the tranny agenda as “worker bees.” They’re successful because like all worker bees, they’re banal. Yes, we all love to mock those “libs of TikTok” videos of freakish tattooed teachers with pierced septums. But they’re the minority. Think of every pro-CRT, pro-tranny school-board member you’ve seen. They’re ordinary people you wouldn’t notice at the grocery store.

They’re invisible, doing their work out-of-sight. They’re predominantly women, and they’re not trying to have sex with kids. They’re working with quiet, fanatical dedication to remake how children see gender and themselves, in service of an ideology, not their own personal sexual desires.

But whereas leftists have worker bees, every rightist activist wants to be a mastermind, to stand out for their brilliance and bravery. Hence why so many “say groomer” rightists boast on Twitter about what genius strategists they are.

An army of generals! And when has an army of generals ever won a war? Worker bees always beat “masterminds,” because masterminds are in it for the personal glory and the public fight, whereas worker bees quietly do their thing in secret.

You people spent four years moaning about the “deep state,” and yet apparently you never grasped how the “deep state” actually works, how as Trump was out there being a mastermind, a legion of quiet gray-suit faceless bureaucrats embedded in the system thwarted him.

So stop being a mastermind for one minute and look at these polls. Parents don’t like the educational system in general (by a wide margin), but they like their own kids’ schools and teachers (by a wider margin).

What do you take away from that, oh great masterminds? Anything?

Assailing the character of teachers as a group, calling them groomers and pedos, will alienate parents, because parents like the teachers they personally know, and they’ll lose trust in you if you tell them something about their teachers that they know isn’t true.

The overwhelming majority of America’s teachers are women (76%; 89% at elementary-school level). Parents will have difficulty picturing old schoolmarm Schumaker as a pedo. And I can hear you right now yelling, “Ghislaine Maxwell was a groomer! Women can be groomers!” So now you’ll find yourself in a debate with parents over that, creating yet another side skirmish that draws everyone away from the main battle.

In The Federalist last week, Kylee Zempel straight-out lied about the ABA’s definition of groomer. She declared that groomers needn’t be working toward actual physical molestation; a groomer can just be sexualizing kids for some future pedophile “system.” And she claimed that the ABA backs that up, but the ABA link she provided(!) makes it clear that the term always applies to someone seeking direct sexual contact.

Debating/distorting the meaning of groomer helps parents how? Another side-side skirmish, another distraction, another gift to the left.

Also, because you’re trying to push the notion of a nationwide cabal of groomers, you’re conflating old debates with the current existential threat. The debate over sex ed in schools goes back to the 1970s at least. The debate over telling kids about masturbation goes back to the AIDS crisis and Joycelyn Elders. These debates have been going on for generations. A lot of today’s parents grew up with a positive view of sex ed in the classroom. Focus on that and you’ll lose those parents. Concentrate on what those parents didn’t grow up with, on the unfamiliar, on what they’ll find shocking: children at their most impressionable age being taught that “girl” and “boy” are fake concepts, as they’re quizzed on their own sexuality and whether they’re “cis, trans, or bi.”

All that’s needed to help parents fight gender indoctrination in schools is to expose the classroom materials and lesson plans and there, that’s it. Let the foulness of the material do the talking. Teachers are trying to force a belief system on kids, and now you’re doing the same thing to parents, because the idea that teachers pushing tranny ideology are pedo groomers is itself a belief system. You might think it’s true, but it’s still something that must be taken on faith.

So you’re trying to fight a belief system by pushing a counter belief system. That’s retarded, because the facts are on your side (the abhorrent lesson plans). But that’s not enough for you. You need to enforce your own belief system because you’re so in love with your own smarts, and because there ain’t a silk purse in creation that rightists can’t turn into a sow’s ear.

You love the fight more than the win, while worker bees do nothing but labor toward the win.

Just give people the what. Let them speculate about the why. That way, you can assemble a broad-based coalition of voters. A recent poll by Yahoo/YouGov found (much to Yahoo’s dismay) that only 52% of Democrats oppose DeSantis’ recently signed law.

Two takeaways:

(1) The Dems who support DeSantis’ law aren’t part of the rightist “say groomer” circle, so why enforce an orthodoxy that pushes them away? Why play word games when you’re winning a case on the merits?

(2) Apparently, the leftist strategy of demanding that the law be referred to as “don’t say gay” isn’t working. Why mimic a losing strategy by pushing your own “must say” words to match theirs, when theirs are failing?

The rightist cap-gun generals are responding to critics of “say groomer” with exactly the predictability that makes them so manipulable. Anyone not down with the crusade is a “cuck” or a “shill” who lacks the balls to fight Breitbart-style!

The pressure’s so strong, it’s likely that soon enough parents who protest their local school board will feel the need to say groomer or else Tucker won’t support them.

And that’s exactly what the left hopes will happen. Make a mainstream movement appear fringy and cultish, with its own vocabulary and doctrine. The left wants you to ensure that parents no longer say, “I’m here to protest this lesson plan, which I’ll read from,” but instead say, “I’m here to fight the cabal of pedo groomers,” so they look like loons.

Go ahead, masterminds—walk straight into that trap.

You’ll blow an easy win.


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