April 19, 2011

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Upon hearing that an openly (and screamingly!) gay black male ex-employee of Rainbow/PUSH had filed a complaint against Jesse Jackson and his organization for discrimination and sexual harassment, questions began popping into my mind as if they were illicit erections in a lonely motel room out near the airport:

Is Jesse Jackson the type of guy who”€™d fire someone merely for refusing to blow him?

Is his accuser, “€œAruba”€ Tommy Bennett, the sort of fella who”€™d file a fraudulent discrimination complaint merely for cash and attention, as his famous ex-employer has so often been accused of doing?

Why would someone want to work for a boss who fires you merely for refusing to blow him, anyway?

I”€™ve never had an employer who requested fellatio, so is there something wrong with me, or is it because I”€™ve never worked for Jesse Jackson?

“€œBennett’s allegations against Jackson mark another enjoyable instance of progressive identity victimization politics eating its own intestines.”€

Bennett’s full complaint, filed with Chicago’s Commission of Human Rights in 2010 and still unsettled, is available as a PDF. The juicier allegations, which involve white brief underwear, inner-thigh rashes, the phrase “€œlittle motherfucker,”€ Cialis, heavy breathing, masturbation, blaming white people for changing the meaning of the word “€œgay,”€ Rev. Jackson’s high-school teacher paying him $10 to suck Jesse’s dick, and for me what is the most punishable charge”€”that Jackson engaged in the supremely annoying habit of tickling Bennett’s palm with his finger while shaking his hand”€”are highlighted HERE.

There’s no denying it”€””€œAruba”€ Tommy Bennett, a frequent guest on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show, is as gay as a sprig of holly on a winter vest. Bennett’s complaint states that while employed at Rainbow/PUSH (snickers will not be tolerated!), a Ms. Caroline Wiggins, who toiled as a “€œMembership and Volunteer Coordinator,”€ taunted Tommy with limp-wrist gestures and once led an open prayer session where she requested that the Lord Jesus Christ “€œbind these homosexual spirits that are in the office…[and] get these homosexuals out of here.”€ Bennett claims that when he was fired, the Rainbow/PUSHers told him it was due to lack of funding, but then they hired someone else immediately after dismissing him. His feelings were hurt like any fag’s would be, and for this he seeks $350K, as well as nearly $100K for both front and back pay (stop it!) and lost benefits.

In a formal statement, Jackson and his “€œpeople”€”€”whom I assume are tinted more like a coffee bean than a rainbow”€”denied Bennett’s allegations. They made it clear that they love the gays and would never, under any conditions, be mean to them. For legal reasons, I need to mention that before getting back to the fag jokes.


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