February 11, 2011

I think it’s sad that almost all my friends have been so obsessed with themselves and their careers they”€™ve ended up childless and past the point of no return. You”€™re one of them. You have voluntarily subsumed the worst part of the gay lifestyle outside of AIDS.

I”€™m not going to get married just because my girlfriend is running out of time, but there’s no need to get personal.

My point is your head is so far in the God Clouds, you”€™ve forgotten about what’s going on here on Earth. It took a long time to get you here from the cave days and you”€™ve thrown it all away. That’s a sin.

That’s not a sin. How can you talk about a sin if you don”€™t believe in the Bible?

I think a “sin” is something that hurts you or others. 99.6% of gamblers do it for fun and have no problem restraining themselves. They also bet very small figures. Same with booze-drinkers. Gambling yourself broke is a sin. Being an alcoholic is a sin. Using porn a few times a week? Meh. It’s maybe a bad habit”€”but I’m not so sure. Using porn three times a day until it hurts your job and ruins your relationship”€”sin.

Your definition of sin is not my definition of sin. My definition comes from the Bible, which tells us doing something contrary to what God tells us to do is a sin”€”Ten Commandments stuff along with other things like “€œlove your neighbor as yourself.”€ Anyone who bashes gay people is sinning against that particular verse. However, in Leviticus, God clearly says the sin of homosexuality is “€œdetestable”€ to him and it’s a sin. So both the gay-basher and the gay person are sinners. Actually, according to the Bible, any type of sex or thoughts of sex (lust) is a sin when it’s done outside of marriage. A married man who masturbates to porn on the Internet is sinning just like a homosexual.

So you think being gay is a choice?

Obviously. Last October, a scientist named Walter Schumm did a study on the children of gay parents. His findings basically said that children with lesbian parents call themselves gay three-fifths of the time while children of gay male parents call themselves gay a third of the time. Children with straight parents? Less than 7%. This plainly shows that homosexuality is not so much a genetic issue as much as it is a social issue”€”like anything else.

But the children of gays have a very generous definition of homosexuality. They also have a pro-gay bias and want the stats to be much higher than they really are. The real data shows that you are who you are from day one. Look at identical twins separated at birth. They wind up with the same job, same dog, same car. I even think being religious is a genetic trait you are born with. What’s funny is that I believe being gay is a genetic difference we can”€™t defy”€”but you, the guy who believes in a creator who is in charge of everything, believes this is all a choice we have the free will to alter. In that sense I”€™m more religious than you.

OK, then accept Christ and you will be saved.

Oh, go to hell.



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