December 04, 2023

Houses of Parliament, London

Houses of Parliament, London

Source: BIgstock

The U.K. has thankfully seen the back of its empire, however the husk of what remains of our state has been hijacked by less overt internationalists. In 2016 the nation called for freedom but has found itself tied by an obdurate elite to a collapsing multicultural system heading to its own disastrous demise. Even the arch-conspirator, Henry Kissinger, has acknowledged the dangerous waters into which it has borne us. So, what to do?

First, the failure of the multi-cult bully state must be acknowledged. Okay, done. The requirement now is to see our nation reborn, a state in which the people come first and the politicians second. It is time for us to govern and for them to administer, actioning our wishes and avoiding bloody embroilments benefiting a few. The lie that they represent us has been made plain, even to an idiot in the remotest of villages. Our parties are the patsies of much greater forces, multinational interests and international organizations that are manned by dictators, royals, and chumps—both elected and directed. I say, enough already.

The representative system was a step up from autocracy and a better choice than the gulag state, but its shortcomings have become only too evident. However, democracy does have a better track record where the people do have control, with the Swiss demonstrating over the past 175 years that a free and equal state taking its cues from the people can succeed; in fact, it can surpass all other forms of government so far trialed. Their hybrid system employs both representatives and routine referendums to great effect, demonstrating the power of direct democracy. There, the trains famously run on time, and the people vote as regularly as the express from Geneva to Zurich; okay, not quite so, but four times a year on average. Is that a huge price to pay to have half the debt (measured per head against GDP) that we suffer from, 40 percent versus over 80 percent? And the list of benefits is a lot longer than that.

“The requirement now is to see our nation reborn, a state in which the people come first and the politicians second.”

Some may try to trot out the usual twaddle about mobs, banks, and constitutions, so let’s put them to bed. When was the last time that you heard about riots in Lucerne or Bern? Switzerland vies with Japan for the lowest murder rate in the world, and ours? The financial sector in Switzerland is over 9 percent of the economy and ours over 8 percent; is that a huge difference, and is Londongrad not famous for its tax fiddles and non-dom former dictator residency benefits? And the constitutional issue, can we revise the constitution to benefit from incorporating referendums into our system as the Swiss do? Yes, not only easily, says Lord Sumption, but also as recommended by one of our greatest constitutional legal icons, none other than A.V. Dicey.

Yes, back in the 1890s Dicey had seen enough of the party hacks to understand that their party, and the prospects and promotion it offered, would take precedence over the nation. He backed national referendums on all important constitutional issues and even thought that the Lords should go. By the time he came to these conclusions, he had seen the referendum at work for four decades in Switzerland and recognized its utility. It’s about time that the rest of us did so too.

You might ask, how do you decide what’s important? Well, simply get enough signatures from people who back your opposition to a new law to demonstrate that the people would like to be heard. When you’ve got them, hold a national first-past-the-post referendum. The Swiss need to collect 50,000 signatures in three months, so we could do the same with a proportionate figure here: job done, people in control, parties doing what they should have done in the first place. But we know why they don’t. Big jobs on the outside, directorships, foundations, and internationalist kumbaya organizations with big-ticket speaking tours to grease the airplane wheels pointing toward those private islands. Bliss if you are a conscienceless coward. Cover your ears and go la-la-la when the constituents moan; the rubes deserve no more.

I back Dicey along with the Swiss and their Taiwanese and Estonian emulators. Forget the reset, it’s time we saw our state reborn, with us in charge and the flight controls in our hands, heading away from the international flight-path controllers and back to our domestic terminal. Without direct democracy our beaches will continue to see more boots on the ground than we sent over to save Europe on D-Day, bringing to our shores and streets the very people Kissinger belatedly realized could not be assimilated.

Why do our legislators allow this? Why are they complicit in the national collapse we face? Merkle, Cameron, and Kissinger have all pointed out the problem, but have they provided any solutions? None. Just the opposite. Their mouths make statements that their brains have no intention of coming to terms with. Well, as a former intelligence officer with sixteen years in uniform under his belt, followed by decades in Muslim-majority nations, I will explain the outcome; unlike them, I will also detail the solution.

The threat from terror most obviously but most pointedly avoided by those who should be interested in protecting the state comes from Muslims closely adhering to the strictures of Sharia. One does not hear much of Confucians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs filling up our high-security prison wings. Nor, in truth, those much-mentioned but little-met white fascists. Where are they? Why are far-right nutters not being locked up as disproportionately as the knife-wielding apostate-haters who hunt down innocents and ex-Muslims alike?

Geoffrey Robertson, one of our leading human rights lawyers, noted in 2012 that the killing of those who leave their born religion is a genocidal crime. Well, all Islamic jurists believe that is the punishment for our former Muslims. The Sharia, of all the major and minor schools of jurisprudence, is clear on this. So why are we allowing in more people who believe the genocide of our former Muslims is a good thing? Are we to be reborn as a state that kills those who leave Islam, or do we partition so that they can get on with it? The way we are going, we will be joining those numerous Muslim nations that already execute, or have this threat on their statute books, their ex-Muslims.

Is that why my grandfather and his cousins fought their way across Europe? Do we have to accept our politicians allowing this? Are we such cowards that we look the other way, even when facing genocide on our streets? Or, do the decent people of this nation revolt to be reborn? Why don’t we demand the prosecution of our prime minister and the cabinet for their complicity in the genocidal threat to our brave ex-Muslims? Seriously, when do we get off our knees, stand up, and take control? If, like me, you’ve had enough, that is the question.


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