June 09, 2016

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Any photo can be made to look “€œflaggy”€ if you try hard enough. Everyone agrees that the Vietnam-era “€œnapalm girl”€ photo is genuine…but give it the right captions, and voilà“€”proof of a false flag! As for the enduring myth of the “€œFacebook page that was set up to benefit the victims before the crime ever took place,”€ a favorite bit of claptrap by master flaggot Jim Fetzer, I debunked that magic trick in early 2013 after several of my GOP friends became Sandy Hook hoax enthusiasts.

Along with spouting pseudohistory and presenting pseudoevidence, false flaggots are also quite expert at pseudocertainty. They “€œknow”€ they”€™re right, so they have a smirking disdain for all who disagree with them, and that’s led to them becoming exceptionally skilled bullies, harassing victims of mass shootings and”€”in some cases”€”threatening nonbelievers. Last December, false flaggot extraordinaire Kevin Barrett, a white convert to Islam (so you know it’s not like he’s nuts or anything), wished death upon The Washington Post‘s Niraj Chokshi for reporting on the San Bernardino massacre without “€œadmitting”€ it was a staged fake. I told Niraj about the threat, and we both agreed it wasn”€™t worth taking seriously, but he nevertheless made good sport of it on Twitter.

In my day, the revisionists were the ones who got death threats from the establishment goons. The fact that false flag conspiracy nuts are now the ones doling out the threats speaks volumes about their character (and the lack of substance to their arguments).

Although Muslim loons and their apologists are quickly jumping on the false flag bandwagon these days, in the U.S., the majority of flaggots promote their hooey in the name of protecting Second Amendment rights. We”€™re told that incidents like Aurora and Sandy Hook were staged in order to facilitate the coming “€œgun grab.”€ “€œThey keep staging these fake shootings so that the people will become so frightened, they”€™ll support gun control.”€ Apparently, the “€œconspirators”€ are all-powerful enough to fake Sandy Hook and a hundred other mass shootings, but they still need our support, our “€œvote,”€ to pass their gun-grab bills. An all-powerful conspiracy that can be stopped at the ballot box. These Elders of Zion can flawlessly manipulate any event, but they can”€™t pass simple legislation without the support of Biff and Henrietta Klumpdrucker in La Porte. Fascinating.

And here we see the danger of false flaggotry. Because, indeed, leftists do want to curb gun rights. But they do so not by spending millions of dollars to create Broadway-show-quality staged events with thousands of paid “€œcrisis actors,”€ but rather by exploiting actual events. The Reichstag fire really is a good lesson”€”not in “€œfalse flags,”€ but in how a leader can take a genuine event that happened independently and exploit the hell out of it. The Nazis, while innocent of having started the fire, definitely used it after the fact to curb freedoms and consolidate power. The spread of false flag lunacy is hampering the ability of sane skeptics and activists to fight those who seek to curtail constitutional rights and impose leftist tyranny. Indeed, I would think that nothing pleases the powers-that-be more than the growing popularity of false flag theories. As false flaggots are busy arguing over whether the bodies in the Bataclan theater were crisis actors or crash test dummies (yes, this is an actual debate), I”€™m certain that the people who want to flood the West with Muslims just love seeing folks distracted by that lunacy.

The rise in false flaggism is certainly a boon for the actual villains of the world. Every conspiracy theorist I know lives in constant fear of being “€œtaken out”€ by “€œthem.”€ But frankly, if I were “€œthem,”€ I”€™d be happy enough to just sit back and watch false flaggers sink deeper and deeper into madness.

After all, you can wish death upon your enemies, but it makes better sense to wish them insanity. Because dead people become martyrs, whereas lunatics become irrelevant.


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