May 07, 2010

         A panoply of dreary frocks and ill-conceived looks appeared on the red carpet at this year’s MET Costume Institute gala. What a disappointment! Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, and Hamish Bowles were among the most fashionable. In fact, all three of them looked totally ridiculous. Surely words like chic and fabulous were thrown about freely.

The standout faux pas was the blue gown, and almost everyone was wearing one. Truly chic women know that unless a blue dress is navy, blue is for beauty pageant contestants and gaudy old gals down South. Though she was looking especially rotund, Oprah got it right, as did Sienna Miller. Arianna Boardman, Emmy Rossum, Amber Valleta, Giuliana Rancic, Abbie Cornish, Melania Trump, Doetzen Kroess, Cassie, Blake Lively, and Mick Jagger were all in blue. Painfully blue. Model Doetzen Kroess looked beautiful, but like she belonged on a wedding cake, and Amber Valleta, like she walked out of a party scene in Scarface.

The other big fashion gaffe fell onto the likes of Claire Danes, Jessica Biel, Vera Wang, Kristen Stewart, Kristen Davis, Riley Keough, and Liv Tyler. These girls need to figure out which colors suit them and which ones don”€™t. Beige and black seem like relatively innocuous color choices, but on the wrong skin tone does little for the woman. Dresses should make you shine, not wash you out.

Must we remind you to dress your age? Attractive young women like Bea Schaffer, Ivanka Trump, and Tory Burch wore dresses their mother’s should have been wearing. Donna Karan, and Vera Wang on the other hand, could have found outfits that do more for women their age. They should take notes from Carolina Herrera, who is always impeccable. Diane von Furstenburg glowed like Wonder Woman. Cheese queen Donatella Versace looked good.

Worst Dressed…

Anna Wintour looked like an Austrian blind, and what’s with the over-sized jacket?

Christina Hendricks should stick to 1950s glamour, and shapes that flatter that rack.

Vera Farmiga looked like she belonged on a showboat.

Rosario Dawson where to begin?

Eva Mendes this fabric looks like it belongs on a chair?

January Jones again, stick to 1950s glamour, the hair and make-up made her look totally ridiculous.

Donna Karan not a good look for a senior citizen.

Georgina Chapman pregnant peony not so sexy.

Kirsten Dunst wouldn”€™t have been so bad if it hadn”€™t been for the boots.

Jessica Biel too sloppy for a pretty girl, plus she looks better as a blond.

…and Best Dressed

Lily Donaldson Grecian goddess done right, with great accessories.

Naomi Watts great color, and glamorous.

Gwen Stefani modern, elegant, and age appropriate.


Marion Cotillard classic, simple, and it made her glow.

Alexa Chung a cute twist on the Deitrich, and a youthful, original look in a sea of gowns.

Diane Kruger white is hard to pull-off, but the color works on her and she has the body for it.

Photos: Patrick McMullan


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