May 10, 2011

Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor

Taylor cites the work of Finnish researcher Tatu Vanhanen, who posits that ethnically homogenous societies are far less conflict-prone than “€œdiverse”€ ones, as well as Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam, who, against his better wishes, concluded after massive research that individuals in “€œdiverse”€ societies tend to be less happy, trusting, and far more alienated than those in societies founded on ethnic kinship.

Taylor spends several pages documenting a growing, and almost entirely unreported, violent race war between blacks and Mexicans in California mainly because it resoundingly subverts the fiction that ethnic tension would cease to exist if white racism”€”or even white people”€”were removed from the equation.

Taylor argues that the stubborn persistence of ethnocentrism and a tendency to favor those who look like us are the result of deep-rooted natural tribal instincts rather than artificial racist indoctrination. He cites studies where infants favor photos of people who most resemble themselves and where adults, despite decades of exposure to anti-racist propaganda and their own deeply cherished egalitarian beliefs, tend to do the same thing. Blood is apparently not only thicker than water; it’s thicker than everything.

As if the unprecedented social experiment of pouring several dissimilar schools of fish into the same aquarium and pretending they won”€™t fight over food and territory wasn”€™t foolhardy enough, Taylor sees special danger in the severely unequal application of cultural taboos regarding racial pride. In the game of Ethnic Musical Chairs, whites are the only group that wound up falling on the floor without a seat:

White racism is commonly alleged to be the great obstacle to harmonious race relations in the United States, but whites are the only group that actually subscribes to the goal of eliminating race consciousness and that actively polices its members for signs of such consciousness….The only occasion on which it is acceptable for whites to speak collectively as whites is to apologize….Some whites have gone well beyond color-blindness and see their race as uniquely guilty and without moral standing….At what point would it be legitimate for whites to act in their own group interests? When they become a minority? When they are no more than 30 percent of the population? Ten percent?…Eventually, whites will come to understand that to dismantle and even demonize white racial consciousness while other races cultivate racial consciousness is a fatal form of unilateral disarmament.

As with his earlier Paved With Good Intentions, Taylor relentlessly documents sickening heaps of hateful and genocidal anti-white rhetoric that in many cases not only goes unpunished but is instead rewarded by politicians. After openly encouraging the rape of white women and the wholesale slitting of white throats, Amiri Baraka was appointed New Jersey’s poet laureate. In the same year that Chicano activist Mario Obledo boasted that California was becoming a Hispanic state and that “€œanyone who don”€™t like it…should go back to Europe,”€ President Bill Clinton awarded him the Medal of Freedom.

The mainstream media is likewise criminally complicit in maintaining such dangerously unsustainable double standards, perhaps most profoundly when it comes to interracial violence. If white youth anywhere in America were doing anything along the lines of “€œpolar bear hunting,”€ you”€™d never hear the end of it. But as it stands, you”€™ve probably never heard of polar bear hunting.

Such howling double standards breed like viruses when dealing with ideology-driven social engineers who somehow see no logical errors in insisting that “€œrace”€ doesn”€™t exist but that “€œracism”€ exists anywhere where white people aren”€™t constantly apologizing.

For the time being, the majority of American whites have been terrified into silence by a single word that is wielded like a taser against any Caucasian American who refuses to submit to the program. The word “€œracist”€ is used exclusively against whites to immobilize any stirrings of group consciousness. It is swung like a hammer at the skull of any white person who still has the nerve to say they aren”€™t profoundly ashamed of their own skin.

But if current trends continue and whites slip into despised-minority status as they most certainly will, the game will change. When one’s life choices winnow down between being murdered by an angry dark mob and being called a racist, the word “€œracist”€ won”€™t seem so bad at all. A tipping point will come where group consciousness will seem far less loathsome than group extinction.

The recent rash of hysterical “€œanti-fascist”€ reactions against Jared Taylor are emotional rather than logical. So rather than debate him”€”I”€™ve yet to see anyone try to engage him in rational discourse whom he didn”€™t wind up decimating”€”the order of the day is to dub him a “€œracist,”€ silence him, and declare victory.

Good luck with all that while it lasts. Ironically, such cowardly rhetorical tactics and triumphalist ethnic taunting will awaken a sleeping giant. Sooner rather than later, the egalitarian left’s unapologetic bullies will be forced to deal with the big white monster they”€™ve helped create.



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