April 15, 2016

Source: Bigstock

Once again, womankind is better off in a patriarchy. Us sexists are aware that women are different from men. We”€™ve noticed women’s soccer is slower and want them to play with a smaller ball. When Schuyler Bailar was a woman she was the top swimmer in her division. When she became a man she dropped to last place. Conversely, when Fallon Fox went from men’s MMA to women’s she became a killing machine who destroys her opponents in a matter of seconds. Women are not the same as men and when you pretend they are, they get hurt. The amazing thing about this mess is men use it to their advantage to trick the rest of us. Look at college sports. Title IX is known as a rape prevention bill, but it’s really a scam wherein college sports can pretend they are helping women by insisting everyone gets the same pay. If the University of Alabama’s quarterback is making the state millions, he is a god. The demand is flooding the supply. Title IX says the right fielder of the women’s softball team deserves as much money as him. The brilliant part is feminism has made equal pay totally untenable, so paying women equally means paying every female athlete the same income as that inimitable Alabama QB.

The history of soccer is male and if you”€™re entering that culture, you need to play by men’s rules. Some of our biggest rules include not whining all the time. Women’s soccer is at its zenith right now. The U.S. team won last year’s World Cup and it’s the third time they”€™ve done that. The 2015 game brought in more American viewers than any other soccer game, ever. Young American women are more interested in soccer than they”€™ve ever been and nobody spends like that demographic. The women’s team made almost $6M more than the men’s this year and is set to double that next year. Their union should heed this pattern and negotiate a better deal when it comes time to do so. The meritocracy of the free market is going to handle all this so have patience and stop being such a bitch.


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