November 22, 2016

Source: BIgstock

But I can”€™t help thinking:

What if they actually did?

I mean: What if eight years of Obama’s affirmative-action incompetence, arrogance, and antiwhite animus turned some formerly color-blind Americans racist?

We”€™ve all noticed that black vs. white racial animus has increased dramatically during the reign of the great “€œhealer”€ Barack. So why can”€™t we take this observation to its logical conclusion and admit that antiblack feelings must have increased too, and that this was surely reflected in votes for Trump? (Or, more accurately, against Black Lives Matter enabler Hillary Clinton.)

I didn”€™t say “€œcelebrating.”€ I said “€œadmitting.”€

Why not presume some of these “€œracists”€ are guilty until proven innocent, as it were? Why are we poo-pooing the very notion of increased “€œracism”€ when that gives us another thing to blame on Obama?

Yes, wisdom demands that we view these “€œhate crimes”€ with a skeptical eye. I look at this, for instance, and wonder, “€œ”€˜Kikes”€™? Who did this? The Bowery Boys?”€

And more important: Trump”€”to the annoyance of his alt-right fanboys”€”is spectacularly philo-Semitic. Wouldn”€™t painting a swastika be an anti-Trump gesture, not a pro-one? (As that Facebook meme puts it: “€œNo, liberals, Trump isn”€™t gonna persecute gays, Jews and women. It’s not like he converted to Islam.”€)

But if our new default position is to greet every “€œright wing”€ provocation with cries of “€œTroll!”€ and “€œHoax!”€ how are we any better than the bubble-dwelling left, who willfully missed the biggest paradigm shift of the 21st century since 9/11?

And even if many of these outbursts are “€œjust”€ expressions of mental illness, well, shouldn”€™t we be concerned about that?

Speaking of taking people at face value, let’s also play along with the hysterical left for the sake of argument:

“€œDonald Trump is the new Hitler.”€

If that’s true, then why, in a metropolis of over 2 million people”€”who are all “€œabout”€ tolerance and diversity and fighting fascism, remember?”€”did only 300 Torontonians make it to an anti-Trump rally last Saturday afternoon?

(At the event’s Facebook page, over 3,000 Nazi-fighters vowed to show up, but hey, it rained…)

And incredibly, given that this is the 416 we”€™re talking about, the demonstrators were even confronted by a bunch of in-your-face PRO-Trumpers.

Hometown pride is a baffling phenomenon I normally associate with bumpkins, but, hearing that unexpected twist to the story, I can”€™t help feeling just a smidge of that foreign sensation.

And if you”€™re reading this because you saw “€œ”€ on a cheap poster, all I can say is: I”€™m here every Tuesday.


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