May 30, 2024

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Never mind the cesspool of toxic masculinity in the Vatican, London’s gentlemen’s clubs, and the Greek monasteries of Mount Athos. This is far worse, an insult to all women, especially lesbians, an institutional blackmail that threatens American democracy and unmarried women the world over. Here’s the lowdown: During a commencement speech at Benedictine College, a Catholic school in Kansas, a professional football player and three-time Super Bowl winner, Harrison Butker—as it turns out, a devout Catholic and married father of three—delivered the speech and praised the institution of marriage and children. The reaction by the usual suspects was to be expected. Moral authorities such as those who claim that sensitivity to minorities is more important than free speech were outraged. How can marriage and children be mentioned and not DEI, was the message from the suspects.

It seems that in America today—by this I mean the bicoastal America of media and entertainment—a man like Butker is excoriated when he chooses to speak his truth. The usual suspects aside, the worst example of hypocrisy came from Harrison’s own team and football’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, a greedy bum-sucker who makes the recently departed crook Ivan Boesky look honest. The Kansas City Chiefs team distanced itself from his remarks, remarks that were as poignant as they were benign: He found happiness in being married and having children and the students should try it. Shock horror!

“He found happiness in being married and having children and the students should try it. Shock horror!”

So, the football player found happiness and told the graduates that he respected and honored the women who chose to be wives and mothers. He never once said that every woman should be a wife and mother, nor that any woman should choose that path in life. And yet, the National Football League and its commissioner distanced itself from his remarks. The NFL has its fair share of tough young felons who regularly are busted for battery against their girlfriends, pulling guns on people in bars, and criminally driving at top speeds in very powerful cars in crowded cities and causing mayhem, injuries, and deaths. Few of the stars can read or write but are all college graduates. And yet the league chose to quickly distance itself from his sincere and salutary words.

There you have it: The America that people read and talk about is distancing itself from love, marriage, and children. It’s as predictable as it is horrible, and I think a reassessment of our culture is badly needed. Actually, it should have been a storm in the proverbial teacup because how many people make life decisions about marriage and children based upon what a commencement speaker recommends? And yet, 214,000 numbskulls signed a petition demanding the Kansas City Chiefs fire the kicker. These are the very same 214,000 morons who insist that they value diversity, equity, and inclusion but refuse fair treatment for those who believe differently. It’s a very old story, this preposterous posturing, of people wanting to stop the rest of us from thinking and acting freely. After all, disdain for free speech is the essence of woke.

And lying is now far more acceptable than any truth. Take, for example, Biden’s recent commencement speech to an all-black university. He told these aspiring leaders that “American democracy had failed them,” that they had to be ten times better than anyone else to get a fair shot: “You are victims of racism and white supremacy.” Adjectives fail to describe how irresponsible, idiotic, and harmful this pompous human barnacle’s remarks are. And he went on to condemn removing explicit pornography from school libraries as a ban in order to erase history. Biden has obviously been conceived by an ape with a dose of the clap. There’s no other excuse.

Never mind. Telling black college graduates that the system is against them was not only blatantly false, it was also an endorsement of every race hustler’s lie that the system is stacked against blacks. Only a brain-dead person is capable of such irresponsible speech, or one conceived by, well, I don’t wish to belabor the point of the ape. And while I’m at it, I might be accused of being old-fashioned, but when was the last time a trans man born a biological woman entered an athletic contest for men? I’m waiting for an answer that ain’t comin’. Better yet, have any of you heard the loud protest over Ivy colleges using their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy to reject a huge proportion of candidates for faculty jobs because their views are deemed counter to their left-leaning ideological orthodoxy? No, there’s nothing wrong with your hearing, no one’s raising their voice in protest while the universities keep hiring only radicals to teach our youth.

Yep, America was once upon a time a great country, where even love, marriage, and children were welcome, teachers taught students how to think, and presidents pointed out to citizens that they all had equal opportunities to excel in life. “No mas,” as they say south of our open borders.


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