January 31, 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos

Yet we know that Ashley Judd’s cause célèbre never stopped the poor from shoving out $15 to watch her get chased in the woods. And not only did Madonna gleefully confess that she considered bombing the White House, but she managed to say so as if she were Eliza Doolittle enunciating h‘s on a flame. Also, Bruce Springsteen is still technically a farmer, right? As G.K. Chesterton said of the aristocracy, to survive the times with their accounts intact, “€œthey have always kept carefully on the side of what is called Progress.”€

Similarly, no principle or religion espoused by Milo has changed or threatened his behavior or his identity. A chasm does, however, gape between that of Milo and other celebrities. Though Hillary Clinton’s league of the famous-for-being-famous proved unhelpful, this provocateur, controversial-for-being-controversial, has yet to be proved a liability. And even as Roxane Gay attempts to take a page out of Milo’s book by essentially self-censoring her How to Be Heard, we can still only hear how much liberals love liberally censoring.

Nevertheless, we might hope Milo’s new book provides more substance than that weekly reminder. Recent announcements by his publisher may signal a bit of the old conservatism that esteemed individuals for the power of their principles and the content of their character. The right, after all, has no need for identity politics when it can tout genuine diversity; there’s something to be said about the tent that can bring Charles Murray, Charles Hurt, Charles Cooke, and Charles Krauthammer together when they can literally agree only in name. Furthermore, to borrow from another of Chesterton’s ideas, the allure of paradox thrives on the spectrum where the rich help the poor when they stay rich and individualism proves the best choice for the collective.

But worst-case scenario: Milo’s newest book is also plagiarized. After all, in mirroring the left, he needn”€™t but compile one big, honeycombed collection of campus petitions, Buzzfeed articles, and huffing complaints that stoked the firebrand’s success.


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