July 12, 2007

As interesting as I find the back and forth among Messrs. Weyrich, Gottfried, and others, I think we’re missing the forest fire for the trees: Recently imposed FCC regulations, which take effect this month, will cripple thousands of independent Internet radio stations—the most important alternative media apart from blogs—by imposing on them disproportionately high royalties for music (much higher than are paid by mega-broadcasters such as Clear Channel). Supporters of free expression should take action now by making known their support for the Internet Radio Equality Act.  Click here to save the future of diverse, independent broadcasting—and my favorite Internet stations, such as those that play Gregorian Chant all day, the Baroque station operated by one guy with great taste in Jerusalem, the Christian bluegrass station run out of somebody’s kitchen in Georgia, the all-Confederate Dixie Broadcasting, and thousands more. Here, my friends, is the real battle for freedom of the media. The day that most people’s car radios can get Internet broadcasting—which can’t be more than 10 years off—will spell the end of the drably uniform debate that pervades talk radio.

While you still have the chance, check out the amazing variety of Internet radio, for instance here.


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