November 08, 2016

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However, as a symptom of our narcissistic and decadent age, it is, shall we say, a natural. What with the mainstreaming of all things trans, those who devote their lives to annoying the rest of us with their make-believe “€œidentities”€ now have a novel alternative to gender-bending. Ecosexuality will remain fringe for some time”€”I don”€™t anticipate a “€œbrave”€ HBO series or Tony award-winning play for at least five years; ditto your children being forced to learn about it in school”€”giving its adherents an extra frisson of smug satisfaction.

But there’s a problem: The weirdos attracted to this sort of nonsense are also the same cohort that is obsessed with “€œconsent.”€ (Or did you miss the new PETA spot condemning “€œcow rape”€?) So how exactly do, say, trees agree to this carnal activity? No doubt such “€œethical”€ debates are already occurring within and adjacent to this “€œcommunity.”€ Meanwhile, brace yourself for more stories about women “€œmarrying”€ trees, and their “€œright”€ to do so.

So who cares, right? Pagans are flakes and these people are”€”I was going to say “€œnuts,”€ but that’s probably like “€œretard”€ to them…

Except that at the 7:11 point of this disturbing video, you get a glimpse of naked men “€œhaving sex with the ground.”€ Said activity was orchestrated by Marina Abramovic, the satanic “€œspirit cooking”€ “€œperformance artist”€ who’s on a first-name basis with Hillary Clinton campaign chair and all-around Democratic Party lieutenant John Podesta.

So the first time you hear some poor public official dutifully mouth the letters “€œLGBTQE,”€ and that IS coming, at least you”€™ll have been primed thanks to Taki’s, for what little that’s worth.

Because you must never, ever forget:

Today’s mental illness is tomorrow’s social policy.


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