March 31, 2011

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

About one month ago I wrote about the grotesque phony Bernard Henri-Lévy and how he managed to silence a 93-year-old war hero and camp survivor, Stéphane Hessel, from speaking out about Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. (Hessel is Jewish). Now his book, published by Charles Glass Books, an imprint of Quartet Books, is out in England and I urge all of you to get it. It’s only 40 pages and sold 1.5 million copies in France. People such as Lévy should not be allowed to push decent folk around. I even heard some complaints regarding what I had written about that phoniest of phonies. That’s how scum like Levy operate: speaking in whispers, calling in favors, and promising things. Israel’s Gibraltarian intransigence and brutal occupation are to his liking, as are the wars in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Five weeks ago I bet a friend a large amount that the evil clown Gaddafi and his seven jackals would still be in Tripoli on December 31st, 2011. The good news is that his grotesque sons will not be spending time and stolen millions around the world’s playgrounds. The bad news is that no cruise missile was fired at Gaddafi while he addressed the crowds three weeks ago. In my experience, when people vow to fight to the last bullet, they flee at the sound of the first shot. This is what is happening in Libya. Both sides flee when the other attacks, except that the protestors have no weapons and don’t know how to use what they have. The rebels number only about one thousand, with no officers and no battle plans. They are students, doctors, merchants, translators, and even some profs. There are no religious extremists, despite hints by Western correspondents who think anyone with a beard wants to stone women who drive. Their fighting is mostly street theater: flashing the V-sign and shooting in the air. The mad dog’s troops are just as bad, except they are supposed to be soldiers and are well-armed. Both sides flee at the sound of gunfire, but the protestors are more gung-ho. That’s as close as you’ll get to the truth about Libya, a country that has not been a country for a long time thanks to the megalomania and cruelty of the greased pig Gaddafi.

I started by writing about the fair sex and what a joy it is to see beautiful women even if one can’t seduce them, and I ended up mentioning the bogus, effeminate, and repellent clown Gaddafi. Now that’s what I call a real bummer.



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