December 24, 2007

George Will is a terrific old fraud, a pompous windbag as ludicrous as that other fraud, James Reston (thank God now boring people in that sauna-like place below) a man who genuflects to the rich and powerful such as Lally (medusa-face) Weymouth, but also an expert in kicking those unable to defend themselves. Such as Richard Nixon, among the best presidents ever. Only recently Will the catamite yet again deplored the declining standards of the political campaign, comparing them to Nixon-like dirty tricks. Will should know dirty tricks when he sees them. When Clinton accused Jerry Brown of sniffing happy dust back in 92, Will said nothing.  Brown never recovered. Attacking Richard Nixon is the coward’s way out. It is also a cliche, used by those like Georgie porgie when they wish to suck up to Beltway insiders. Will wears a permanent hue of brown, acquired after years of brown-nosing the rich and powerful. No use going to Palm Beach, Georgie, just keep sticking your head up rich men and women’s bums.


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