November 04, 2014

Jian Ghomeshi

Jian Ghomeshi

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I agree. Alas, the left won”€™t learn the lessons it desperately needs to this time. It never does.

First, regarding all those women who declined to press charges against Ghomeshi, note that the same people who are always telling us we need more laws somehow neglect to take advantage of ones already on the books.

Note, too, the feigned (or, more troubling, genuine) disgust at the very idea that men of any age might be sexually attracted to”€”you”€™ll never guess”€”women in their early to midtwenties. The progressive allergy to the icky and inconvenient facts of human nature, to reality itself, never ceases to amuse, and depress.

We”€™re told that Ghomeshi-quiddick proves how daunting it is for a woman to navigate the workforce, even in 2014; that Ghomeshi’s targets stayed silent because they hesitated to trigger the wrath of a powerful man who could destroy their careers before they”€™d even begun.

Except that a close reading of these stories reveals that Ghomeshi didn”€™t always promise these women professional favors. Rather, he told many girls that they might be “€œthe one,”€ that he really, truly wanted to start a family. Someday.

That’s why, his violent outbursts and weapons-grade nuttiness aside, a goodly number of them dated Ghomeshi for months, or even years.

You see, despite a lifetime of feminist brainwashing, they didn”€™t really want “€œcareers in the media”€ at all. They wanted a husband with a career in the media, preferably one as famous and respected as Ghomeshi.

Finally (if only because I”€™ve run out of space): if genuine seekers must struggle to break into the media in Canada, one reason is that, unless your surname is Fulford, Richler, Paikin, Frum”€”or you”€™re Trudeau spawn, however tangentially”€”you”€™re more screwed than one of Jian’s conquests.

As Charles Murray could have guessed, Canada’s elite is as incestuous and fortified as the mutant family in The Hills Have Eyes. “€œExotic”€ immigrant Ghomeshi was the exception that glossed over the rule, helpfully giving liberals another reason to feel smug about Canada’s “€œdiversity”€ and “€œmulticulturalism.”€

Writing about the scandal in Maclean’s, Emma Teitel name checked “€œJesse Brown, one of two reporters who broke the story in the Toronto Star late on Sunday night.”€

“€œFull disclosure,”€ Teitel added parenthetically: “€œBrown is my cousin.”€


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