November 04, 2007

I write this close to 48 hours before the Indianapolis Colts New England Patriots game on Sunday. And I’m going out on a limb and predict a Patriot
victory. Mind you, I would give a lot to be proved wrong. There is no more unpleasant bully and cheat that Bill Belichik, the New England coach. He knows as much about sportsmanship as Paris Hilton knows about decorum and good taste. He never apologized for the blatant cheating at which he was caught red-handed, but shrugged it off as one would a jay-walking ticket. He managed to run up the score against a decent man and excellent role model like Joe Gibbs, the Redskin coach, so much so that a Redskin linebacker, Randall Godfrey, looked for Belichick after the game and told him that he had no class and no respect for the game.
I don’t want to sound like a fuddy duddy, but in my time no self-respecting coach would do what Belichic did. Leading 45 to nothing with couple of minutes left, he went for a fourth down and scored yet another touchdown. I pray that one day the same will happen to him, but worse. His own players should take into account this lack of sportsmanship. A coach with absolutely no morals cannot be relied or depended upon as far as the players are concerned.
If Belichic wants to win so badly, why not poison the other team and be done with it. Go Colts.


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