January 09, 2008

Well, then. Now we know. It’s nice to know what percentage of my fellow citizens of New Hampshire actually value peace and freedom: Around 10%.  That may be the same ratio as prevails across the nation. Not terribly encouraging. It will make me a little more careful leaving my laundry in the dryer in Nashua.

It reminds me of the utter futility of “democracy” which trumpets one’s right to “participate” in a system that confiscates 30-50% of the individual’s wealth, so that 51% (duly led by the likes of Nurse Ratched and the Manchurian Candidate) can squander it. Hans Herman Hoppe’s title, “Democracy: The God that Failed” sounds more apt by the day. 

Thank heavens we were “freed” from systems which enshrined a hereditary monarch—however inbred, who only had claim to 2% of one’s wealth, and would never dream of imposing conscription. We are so much freer, and more virtuous now.

My grandfather left Austria-Hungary in 1917 rather than fight for the Kaiser.  Thanks a lot, Grandpa.


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