November 12, 2007

Meir Brand , the head of Google Israel, explains to a conference on “cyber-hate” why Google isn’t going to censor “hate speech”: “At Google, we have a bias in favor of people’s right to free expression.” The Jerusalem Post whines that Google’s “free-access philosophy puts it on the sidelines of the war against cyberhate.”

The rest of the Jersusalem Post piece features the ADL’s “internet monitor” and the chief of the Israel police’s “cybercrimes units” bemoaning the fact that technology is two steps ahead of “hate speech” laws, which are for all intents and purposes unenforceable. Isn’t that just too freaking bad? These little commissars of thought control are being left in the dust by the internet, and thank god for that. Oh, and by the way, who gets to define “cyberhate”? Abe Foxman?


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