April 26, 2013

I just remembered a part. I remember thinking about.

I forgot what I was talking about but I”€™m going to leave that in so it means something.

Whoa, I think I am being hit with another wave. Oh. Yeah. No, I don”€™t mean “€œoh yeah”€ like “€œOh yeah, baby.”€ I mean it like, “€œOh yeah, I remember.”€ It was a thing where I realized something can feel so terrible it’s interesting. Oh I do remember. You know that feeling when you”€™re blind drunk and you realize you had better throw up or you”€™re going to die of alcohol poisoning? That’s what this felt like. I couldn”€™t even see straight.

Okay, I”€™m back now. The wave has passed. I”€™ve done heroin and MDMA and acid and I gotta say. This is about the same level of intensity. It’s about as intense as anyone can feel without throwing up or passing out.

I think you get the idea. I”€™m baked. I think I”€™m going to stop typing now and come back when it wears off. One last thing though. I forgot to tell you that I had a guy go get me some tequila and put it on ice. I still felt like I was going to barf but I drank it anyway and soon after, the room stopped whipping through the galaxy like a fucking syndrome! I”€™m going to let this wear off a bit more and wrap things up after this wears off. It feels about as strong as half a bottle of bourbon and I”€™m not exaggerating.

It’s been a couple of hours now. I think we can clearly see that this is not like drinking a beer at lunch. The above rant sounds like a shrieking babysitter on cocaine. I have always been pro-legalization, but what I just endured has made me reconsider the whole discussion.

When they talked about legalization in the 80s and 90s, they kept saying it was just like having a few beers and it was. Today, while advocates push the medicinal angle, the benign drug they”€™re defending has morphed into a heavy drug. It’s been an hour and a half since I looked death in the face and cried. I am obviously still incredibly high. I”€™m so high, in fact, that I no longer see legalization of marijuana as such a no brainer. The debate has shifted to, “€œShould we legalize a really, really heavy drug?”€



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