November 04, 2010

Modern American politics”€™ only tough, old-school Democrat is Rahm Emanuel, and he recently resigned because his party considered him too aggressive. Well, guess what, Dems? Fighting for your beliefs isn”€™t aggressive; it’s called having a backbone. And it’s how you win elections. And, Jon, you, sir, are the kind of man the country needs now more than ever. Because while what you say happens to be really funny, it also happens to be brawny, insightful, and true.

No one should be more cynical or fed-up with America than you, and yet no one loves it more. Every day, you pour through the mendacity and the incompetence, and every night, you”€™re on the air calling out the sycophants on both sides of the aisle, chiding the media to do their jobs better, and trying to get the public to see the light through all the darkness.

You”€™ve said you think you can do more good from a Comedy Central anchorman’s chair than a Senate seat, but that’s because you still think of yourself as Leibo, the little guy sticking it to The Man. Guess what? When you barely lift a finger and tens of thousands of people show up where and when you ask them to, you are The Man. And while Leibo might grapple with being the authority he’s always railed against, now that he has been named America’s most influential man by, maybe the time has come.

“€œTime for what?”€ you”€™re wondering. Well, Jon, I”€™ll explain it so maybe Leibo will understand. There’s a gig in 2012 for which you”€™d be perfect. You wouldn”€™t be replacing Leno or Letterman, but the job has three things going for it: It’s high-profile, anti-establishment, and rhymes with “€œturd farty mandidate.”€


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