January 22, 2008

According to The New Republic, and the Reason/Cato crowd, Ron Paul is a racist whose makes explicit appeals to white supremacist and anti-Semitic audiences through the use of “code words,” and, if he isn’t a racist neo-Nazi himself, he most certainly is representing that slice of the electorate. According to the real Nazis, though, “Ron Paul is a Jew Puppet.” The outfit behind this pronouncement, the “American National Socialist Workers Party,” (ANSWP), was an early proponent of the meme—later picked up by Jamie Kirchick and the Reason/Cato crowd—that Paul has served as a respectable front for racist groups, claiming that he had attended “white nationalist” gatherings at which Paul was present. The group’s Fuehrer is a real nut-case, and yet he was apparently in on The New Republic smear job long before it was published. The anti-Paulista Popular Front is now truly all-inclusive, stretching from the ANSWP to the editorial offices of Reason magazine. Why am I not surprised that all of these people hail from Washington, D.C., the epicenter of organized evil in the world—gee, I wonder if the ANSWP “Commander” lives near the Orange Line?


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