December 15, 2008

I find the fact that Bernard Madoff is walking around free and smoking cigars an outrage. The press and media have reported that his two sons gave him away. That’s almost as big a lie as Madoff’s life and career. The whole scam was based on only the family knowing. When the game was up due to redemptions, the crook obviously moved many millions to secret accounts in his children’s name, and then had them “report” him to the feds. Another outrage is the ten million-dollar bond. I suspect big wheels in Israel will come to his rescue, although many of his victims are Jewish. The way the press has reported the greatest scam ever, one would think no Christians were involved in the losses. But many were, including yours truly, although I dodged a bullet and lost a small amount. Madoff belongs behind bars for the duration, so he’s unable to further manipulate his ill-gotten gains. The judge who let him off with a slap on the wrist should re-consider. This is a very bad man whose family will end up very, very rich


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