January 23, 2018

Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I think, for far too many Jews, that hatred extends not just to the Germans, but to the white Christian West as a whole. I’ve seen this pathology before; American Jews who just can’t muster up the kind of hatred for today’s Muslim Jew-killers that they can easily summon for the descendants of the White Christian Jew-killers of yore. But why? Why are so many Jews still seemingly at war with Christendom?

Let’s turn again to Wiesel’s 1962 essay, especially the part where he concocts a conspiracy theory worthy of Alex Jones. The Germans, he claims, could not understand why, in the years after the war, average Jews did not seek to murder every single German they came across. “Finally,” Wiesel concludes, “the Germans understood that they had nothing to fear (from the Jews), and so their fear turned into contempt. ‘Look at those Jews: they’re not even capable of revenge!’” A tad disingenuously, Wiesel continues, “Two thousand years of persecution had failed to prepare the Jewish mentality for hate, had only immunized it against hate.” Jews, he explains, “had to show the executioners our moral superiority, prove to the other peoples that the Jews are incapable of deeds of hate.” Which is why he exhorts his fellow Jews to keep hate alive. Wiesel is essentially saying, if you don’t hate the Germans and what they personify, the Germans and those like them will hate you even more.

If you read Wiesel’s piece from a certain angle, it does make sense, if not the sense he intended. A guy like Wolf Blitzer is committing a hateful act against a civilization he very likely despises. Maybe he was taught that hatred by his survivor parents, maybe he developed it on his own. Yet his act of hate—using his estimable influence to push for the importation of unskilled, impoverished immigrants, many of whom are criminals and most of whom are a financial burden—is cloaked in humanitarianism. He is “virtue signaling” his “moral superiority” while, at the same time, indulging in the hate that Wiesel believes is the only path of self-defense for the Jewish people.

Blitzer has to hate while appearing to love. That’s misdirection worthy of Penn and Teller, and leftist Jews have the routine down pat.

Representative Yoho’s position (the one he ran from like Stepin Fetchit in a haunted house) is hardly unreasonable. Give priority to immigrants who can contribute something positive to the nation. For the record, lest my position be misread, I don’t think race should enter into it at all. Let in the best and the brightest, from everywhere.

No world leader has ever said, “Damn this brain-drain! We’re losing all our best minds to Ghana.” America should be the premier destination for the world’s finest.

It’s a worthy ideal, no matter how much the Blitzers among us despise it.


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