February 20, 2016

David Cameron

David Cameron

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Gstaad—The locals here in the beautiful Saanen valley are split over the migrant crisis. Switzerland does not belong to the E.U., but the fascists in Brussels have pressed good old Helvetia to open its doors to those streaming out of Africa and the Middle East. Switzerland, a tiny country of 8 million, has already taken in 40,000, and I have personally seen about 30 Eritreans billeted in our old peoples’ home nearby. Now, it takes a heart of stone to be against poor refugees, especially Syrians, unless they’re North Africans or Somalis who are over here in order to find white women or live off our welfare system.

The Eritreans I saw were nice-looking, a jolly group, certainly not a criminal bunch, but I don’t know what if anything they will end up doing high up here in the Alps. They are economic migrants, not refugees, and the Swiss are being very polite about them, but the bottom line is they have about as much business being here as a Saudi accompanied by four bodyguards had lunching at the Eagle Club last week. (I wasn’t there, otherwise there would have been a diplomatic incident, as he is of the ruling family.) Speaking of the Saudis, they are threatening to put boots on the ground in Syria, a threat on a par with the mouse that roared, such is the incapability of the Saudi army to do anything except bomb hospitals and shoot civilians in Yemen.

“The decline of the West is as real as The Decline of the West was a book.”

Mind you, Gulf troops were an inspiration to the Spartans, to Alexander, to Napoleon, to Robert E. Lee, and, of course, to the greatest fighting unit ever, Rommel’s 25th Panzer Regiment, of the 7th Panzer Division. Just the threat alone has Assad jogging to Siberia. But let us go back to the Swiss Alps and arriving migrants. In Zweisimmen, a nearby town, the locals announced that they had more room for migrants, so more were allotted to them. What I’d like to know is how many migrants have asswipes like Jean-Claude Juncker or Angela Merkel taken? In their homes or nearby environs, that is. Up here in the Alps we all live close to one another, so new arrivals are as easy to spot as the proverbial fly in milk. And they do look just like flies in milk, even if they’re Saudi rulers. I asked a local editor why the Swiss should be taking in migrants when they never had an empire down south—or anywhere, for that matter. “Well, we have the Red Cross, and that gives us responsibility,” he answered. He must have been on LSD, because the Red Cross is a humanitarian body, which has helped people since the Battle of Magenta.

Never mind. This is the year of the angry voter, and the vitriol will flow like lava. In America and, I hope, in Britain. Anger is supposed to land one in the fifth circle of hell. The river Styx is full of angry people, yet our Lord Jesus himself threw a bit of a tantrum when he chased the moneylenders out of the temple. Which means we all have the right to be angry at times. I’m angry only when I read crap that’s being printed in The New York Times, crap like “political nastiness is caused by right-wing television and websites.” (What right-wing television?) Or “Merkel did the right thing.” For whom? The North African criminals or the Somali gangs?

The angriest I get is when I read about Britain’s seppuku urge to remain under Brussels. How can a Tory government do this? Fifty-five million pounds per day is paid by the Brits to the Brussels kleptos. Some is spent by the kleptos in Britain in return, but nothing near what the thieves in Brussels take in from the fools in Britain. There would be no austerity measures in Britain if the fools stopped paying the thieves (Tory budget cuts are dwarfed by E.U. payments), yet the unions in Britain are on the side of Brussels. Go figure.

The decline of the West is as real as The Decline of the West was a book. The latter was not as original as Spengler liked to pretend, but a great summing up of a long historical pessimism and cultural discontent. Spengler claimed to predetermine history, and he did when he predicted the “West-European American.” Now Taki, another giant pessimist but nevertheless a giant, predicts the total decline of the WEA, the West-European American. Where Spengler and Taki agree is that neither had the time to devote to other civilizations such as China or India. Spengler was Eurocentric when the word did not exist. I am Eurocentric because I have eyes and a brain, and manage to read when I’m sober. Where Spengler and Taki disagree is that the former gave as much importance to non-Western cultures as I give them non-importance. Spengler’s famous analogy was that an individual’s life cycle and a civilization were the same: childhood, youth, manhood, and old age. My civilization began in old age and is now a post-senile one. Bring on more immigrants, Brussels, senility is good. One doesn’t feel a thing.


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