August 07, 2007

I must take my hat off to Tom Piatak and F.J. Sarto for the Christopher (social climber) Hitchens piece on my web site. Also the numerous readers who wrote in praising Tom for exposing probably the phoniest and most dishonest propagandist—which is very debatable in view of his catcher nights in Oxford—-around. Hitchens and I go back a long way. He used to have a nickname which some gays had given him, Robin, I believe, but being straight myself I never bothered to find out what it meant. His crudities, unmanly and spiteful prose, his obscene epithets are nothing new. What is horrible is that a phoney like Hitchens is allowed to mention the name of Maksymilian Kolbe. It is worse than horrible when the intellectual, physical, moral and social inferior can besmirch anyone’s reputation, and except for his lying in print and on television which makes him numero uno, I can think of no one inferior to Hitchens.

Incidentally, some of the readers got one thing wrong. Hitchens affects upper class insouciance, but nothing could be further from the truth. He was low born and carries all the baggage people looking from the outside usually do in miserable old England. His father was a cargo ship captain, although Hitchens likes to hint that he was a naval commander. Like most repressed queers, Hitchens wants society to be as dirty as he is and jumps at the chance to erode barriers of decency. There is also a coy prurience about him, and his work is a blend of boastful assertions and contrived self debasements—all meant to please those he deems powerful and useful. He once attacked a history book of mine because I had dedicated it to Bill Buckley. This was back in 1975 and Hitchens was still trying to make it as a Trotsyite in London left-wing circles. Once he arrived in these shores and realised Buckley was a big shot, he not only burried his face in the Buckley behind, he managed to become one of Christopher Buckley’s best friends.

Old Hitch knows what he’s doing. He has spread more lies about me than I have had drunken nights, but he’s a physical coward who picks fights with those he knows won’t nail him because of his physical weakness. His life has been a succession of malicious ad hominem attacks on people he doesn’t agree with,—but he will never, on the other hand, offend a hostess of any standing whose parties he might be excluded from. He will be rude to people while on television—as long as his adversary is in a studio 3000 miles away. After Mother Theresa, he is now making a fortune by attacking God. This is the best news our Almighty has had since the creation. To be hated by Christopehr Hitchens means one is truly God.


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