September 20, 2016

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The Somalian stabber is here for the same reasons. In fact, after the stabbing, many among the media class were concerned it would lead to hate crimes against Somalis. That’s right, when Americans get stabbed our heart goes out to Muslims. These are the kind of suicidal niceties that are putting us all in danger. The man who shot the Minnesota terrorist was firearms trainer Jason Falconer from the NRA, something the media has totally glossed over. They”€™d prefer to make this about how evil guns are. Chris Hayes decided we were “€œvery, very lucky”€ the “€œattackers”€ didn”€™t use guns, totally ignoring the 86 they killed with a truck two months ago and the 3,000 they killed with planes. Remember Ahmed and his stupid clock? It was clearly created to look like a bomb and cause a panic, but we refused to see what was right in front of us and even the president insisted it was “€œcool.”€ Cut to Saturday and we have innocent civilians staring at a pressure cooker with wires hanging out of it and assuming it’s just another class project. A bomb is anything but a bomb and a terror attack has nothing to do with terrorism. As Ahmed himself said of the bombings, “€œIf you invade another country, you aren”€™t defending your country, you”€™re attacking people who are defending their country from you.”€

Ted Nugent said the victims in Minnesota were “€œpathetic“€ because they were unarmed. This is a hatefact. We aren”€™t armed. This is true both literally and perhaps, more important, metaphorically. We”€™re not mentally ready to accept that we are at war with Islam. No, not all Muslims are terrorists, but the bad apples who think suicide bombing is “€œsometimes or often justified”€ go above 25% and that’s well over 300 million people. That’s a war. Sure, it’s only a handful who go out and commit the acts, but they are enabled by hundreds of millions of moderate Muslims who tolerate it. They”€™re also enabled by us. I don”€™t know how these two terrorists got here, but they have to go. Not only do they have to go, but their entire families have to go. That’s what they do in India, and it works. You”€™re going to be a lot less tolerant of your crazy nephew when his negligence has the power to send you, your wife, and your children back to Afghanistan. 

On Sunday, as reports poured in about everything that had happened around the tri-state area and British liberals nursed their refugee dancing wounds, the Mets were back at Citifield to finish their series against the Twins. In a breathtaking act of ignorance and irony, the opening pitch was thrown by none other than London mayor Sadiq Khan, who is here to try to stop Trump from becoming president. Few noticed because the last thing we”€™d want to do on a weekend with unprecedented Muslim attacks is offend a Muslim. While Khan gets the red-carpet treatment here, Britain is discussing the legality of banning Trump forever.

Like Britain, we assume everyone will eventually become Western and enjoy the same liberties we do if we can just get through this rough patch. The time for this level of naïveté has passed. We are no longer importing “€œhuddled masses yearning to breathe free.”€ We are importing people who want to choke us to death. As Sadiq Khan himself proudly stated, “€œSocial integration does not work.”€ To hell with them for coming here with that attitude”€”but to hell with us, too, for allowing them.


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