April 03, 2009

A secret Missouri State police report, “entitled “€˜The Modern Militia Movement,”€™ and dated February 20, 2009,” is warning about subversives like … me. Apparently, this scribe has the makings of a militia member, and then some. 

One of the incriminating telltale signs the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) is on the look out for are Ron Paul stickers. 

I have one on my car. It reads: “€œDon”€™t blame me, I supported Ron Paul.”€

The MIAC has cultivated an ensnaring network of snitches and spies””€”€œconsisting of local, state and federal agencies, as well as the public sector and private entities”€””€all instructed to keep their eyes peeled for “€œparaphernalia”€ associated with the patriot movement. Flags, for example. 

Guilty again.

A magisterial “€œDon”€™t Tread On Me”€ flag snakes across the front page of my website, where my seditious work is stored. The Gadsden flag appears on every other page, too. I can”€™t get enough of “€œthat funky snake,”€ as my website developer calls the critter. Indeed, this early American symbol represents some of the values I cherish and champion. The Stars and Stripes stands in stark contrast to the “€œmodest motto”€ the rattler embodies. Beloved of Republicans, especially, the American flag has ceased to symbolize the ideals of individual and national sovereignty, but stands, rather, for arrogance and imperialism, at home and abroad. 

For those who”€™re unfamiliar with that “€œmodest motto”€ the indigenous rattlesnake represents, here’s what a patriot (possibly Benjamin Franklin) had to say in 1775. The rattlesnake:

[N]ever begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage. … she never wounds ‘till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her.

What else should you be vigilant about when ferreting out people like me (and every other writer on this site)? The accursed MIAC white paper mentions Aaron Russo’s film America: Freedom to Fascism

Check, that’s me. 

“€œAaron Russo: A Choice Not An Echo“€ doesn”€™t leave much to the Missouri Secret Police’s twisted imagination. Yes, I wrote glowingly about the man who, in 2004, vied to become the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate. Aaron Russo of blessed memory was a warm, captivating and larger than life personality (who also spoke well of my book). 

Yet another giveaway, cautions the MIAC, is an opposition to “€œconfiscatory taxation.”€ In my book, the Sixteenth Amendment is “€œThe Number Of The Beast.”€ 

Dare to inveigh against the metastasizing malignant Federal Frankenstein, or about states”€™ and individual rights, and you”€™re militia material. If the Constitution and the natural law mean anything at all, then, almost everything the Federal government busies itself with is either unconstitutional, immoral, violative, or all three. I say that a lot. And I leave a pixelated trail behind. 

PrisonPlanet.com reports that the “€œMissouri Department of Public Safety”€ has been forced “€œto issue an apology to former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr. 

About lesser patriots, the Stasi Police is unapologetic. Libertarians, people who own gold, fly unfamiliar flags, “€œdisplay paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties”€””€we remain on the watch list, deemed as bad as radical race-hate groups, although not quite as potentially pernicious as Muslim terrorists. 
After all, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has his priorities. Nixon, who defended “€œThe Modern Militia Movement”€ report, will not be bothering potential Islamikazes or Latino narco-terrorists. Besides, in the unlikely event that Missourians with loyalties to Allah and al-Qaida come to his attention, they already have their defenders. The American Civil Liberties Union has been quick to protest the report on behalf of “€œMuslim civil rights organizations [CAIR?] …”€ 

Another terrifying group about which the police state of Missouri seems unperturbed: Party Republicans, beltway libertarians, and neoconservatives. Good call.  These types pose no threat to the political status quo, in Missouri or beyond, as they seldom oppose the political apparatus in any fundamental way. Unless you call the “€œLiberals This; Liberals That”€ formulaic fulminations a meaningful threat to the existing, statist, state of affairs. The Missouri unwatchful dogs rightly don”€™t. 

The Missouri Information Analysis Center provides a composite of another bunch of “€œextremists”€ that actually dared to storm the ramparts of a regime far less decaying than the modern American state.  

These people openly advocated secession, armed rebellion against the existing national government, and even the overthrow of that government; they were known members of a militia group that was involved in a shootout with law enforcement authorities, and they opposed the gun control efforts of the present government. 

I give you the American Founding Fathers. 


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