July 22, 2016

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones

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The story behind that is an even funnier joke. Back in October of 2014, Kenan Thompson said black women aren”€™t funny. Everyone went apeshit without looking up what he actually said, so nobody realized it was simply “€œLike in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.”€ In other words, he was lamenting the fact that there aren”€™t more black women on SNL. I didn”€™t see the need to lament. Black females are 6% of the population. The ones near New York who are funny and willing to perform are likely below 1%. Too late. The media was already bending over backwards to make sure SNL suffered for the show’s hatred of black women, and within a few weeks they had hired relatively inexperienced black women such as the unknown Sasheer Zamata and failed stand-up comic Leslie Jones. They didn”€™t vet Jones, which is why they didn”€™t realize she was so politically incorrect.

As with pretty much everyone who gets free shit, Jones got even more demanding and went up to Kenan on her first day to say, “€œI heard what you said, motherfucker.”€ That’s not her. She’s showboating for the white folks who like to dance when you shoot racism at their feet. The real Jones grew up in an environment where even the fake quote attributed to Kenan would be seen as benign. She’s new to the whole black aggrievement industry, and that’s obvious when you go back and look at how she spoke before she was famous. “€œIt saddens me that BLACK PEOPLE bitch and moan about the most stupid shit,”€ she said back in May of 2014, before Kenan’s faux pas gave her a career. “€œWe too fucking sensitive.”€ Her Twitter feed is filled with way too many antiwhite insults for anyone to believe she’s some kind of delicate flower that was crushed by an ape picture (which, again, had nothing to do with Nero). Last year she told Seth Meyers, “€œIf you call me a gorilla, I”€™ma call yo mama one.”€ Unfortunately, she lives in a society that can”€™t wait to apologize to black women, so she sits there and says, “€œDamn right you sorry!”€

It’s really the behavior of a spoiled brat. A misinterpretation of a Kenan Thompson quote is why we know who she is. Affirmative action gave her another push when she got the role in one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. I saw her in it and she is awkward and stilted and yanks you out of the movie every time she opens her mouth. She’s a 4 out of 10 who is in the top 1% of successful comedians despite putting in a hundredth of the work. If any one of us were catapulted to that level, we”€™d be incredibly grateful and take the inevitable backlash with a grain of salt. In a country where we”€™re petrified of offending black women, however, she couldn”€™t resist being an ingrate and it worked out great for everyone but the scapegoat. This kind of behavior is a quick fix that puts out the fire, but it’s disastrous in the long run. It may just be retarded celebrity gossip, but I fear the culture behind these decisions is indicative of a much bigger problem.


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