January 20, 2015

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And you know that stuff about people being judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin? Well, ain”€™t nobody got time for that at the Crystal Palace Nightclub in Chicago: Ladies, enter to win $50 in their “€œDark Skin vs. Light Skin”€ contest.

Last year, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter Bernice was “€œappalled“€ when shown a selection of these flyers, one of which depicted “€œRev. King wearing a large gold chain, making [gang sign] hand gestures under the headline “€˜Freedom 2 Twerk.”€™”€

And sure enough, I had trouble tracking down examples designed for this year. Within the “€œblack community,”€ the debate surrounding these flyers, and the parties themselves, goes on.

One blogger condemns all this “€œfoolishment”€:

I need us to stop having MLK-themed parties around his birthday. His dream was not for y”€™all to have “€œDrop it like it’s hot”€ Sunday in your raggelly club in his name! How does this honor his legacy? I know he wasn”€™t a saint (he was far from it) but Martin is prolly hitting his dougie in his grave.

But a Buzzfeed writer shoots back:

Sure, Martin Luther King Jr. didn”€™t explicitly say he had a dream that one day your cousin Mooney could get crunk in any establishment regardless of color in his famous speech, but that’s still a part of being free. (…)  Why not put on those red bottoms you worked so hard to get and drop it low in the name of progress?


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